Doctor Knows Best

Hello world.

There sure is a lot of confusing information out there.

With all the information, or disinformation, what’s a body to do? Not too long ago, it wasn’t unheard of to hear someone say that too much milk is bad for you. There’s even a not-milk anti-dairy movement. But now, recent information says drinking milk, besides helping a body grow, might actually help you lose weight and has other health benefits. I wonder if those studies refer to whole, unpasteurized milk, powdered milk or regular gas station two-for-six dollars-milk.

What about the water, you ask? We’re supposed to drink some ridiculous amount of water (12 glasses or something) a day to keep us healthy. But, what about all that stuff they find in that healthy water, you know the parts per million stuff? Well, then that brings up the fresh, clean, at-the-source bottled water. You do know the bottle itself actually is bad for you, leaches bad stuff into the water and poisons us. But then if we don’t eat the bottle, I guess we’re okay.

And then there is the new cellphone issue. Does it really cause brain cancer? Or was it parotid gland cancer? Do I need to stop calling the wife? Should I wear those silly earbuds everywhere I go? Or should I risk being the one cellphone user who gets brain cancer when everyone else is dying from lung cancer from smoking rolled up plant leaves?

Well, world, it is confusing. Health is confusing. Politics is confusing. Religion is confusing. So where do we go for answers? Who can we trust? Well, the doctor knows best, right? So my advice, eat two cookies and call me in the morning.


5 responses to “Doctor Knows Best

  1. Am enjoying your parking space, but otherwise miss you as my doc. (Have been with Pearson all week….) Enjoy your week, travel home safely and see ya next week . Glad your still posting. I agree with your comments on today’s kids. I have 3 that fit in that category.

  2. Great beginning! Our family doctor has one of those evil devices known as a weight measuring apparatus in her office, and I don’t like it very much. Why do you doctors have those things, in the first place? Anyway, one of my goals is to shed some weight ( and get off BP medication, but if I eat two cookies a day, will it ever happen? Thanks, doc.

  3. Of course you’ll lose weight if you eat two cookies a day …. and nothing else. Try it. Pick any two cookies and eat just two cookies a day for two weeks and see how much weight you’ll lose. See, we can’t lose weight because we’re eating all that stuff on the food pyramid.

  4. I drink a few huge glasses of water per day, filtered thru one of those charcoal pitchers. I try to drink at least one glass of milk. I have heard that fresh, un-homogenized milk is best, but alas, I have no cow. I try to save the cookies for weekends. I ask God to bless what I eat and I try to remember moderation…but I could definitely stand to lose a few pounds…

  5. eb, thanks for stopping by. Don’t let that charcoal give you problems. Aha, moderation, it’s the best.

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