Five Cheers and Five Wishes for America

Today is July 4th.  Independence day.  My daughter asked how old America was today.  I guess that makes America officially 232 years old today.  Today, I offer five cheers for America on her birthday followed by five birthday wishes for America.

Five cheers for America

  1. We are free to worship.  If you want to worship, you can worship.  However, whenever, to whomever and for whatever reason.   Churches aren’t censored.  Bibles aren’t confiscated.
  2. We are free to speak.  We can speak our mind, we can write our opinions.  We are free to think.  We are not silenced.  We can support and we can protest freely.
  3. We have a say in who our leaders are.  We can vote.   From the smallest election to the presidential election, we can vote however we please.  Our votes are counted fairly and accurately.
  4. We have abundant opportunities.  We can get an education.  We can study and learn.  We are not told what we are going to study or what we will become when we grow up.  We can choose to follow our dreams.
  5. We care about other people.  More than any other country, when something bad happens, Americans are there with their support, their help, their encouragement and their money.  We give.

Five Wishes for America

  1. Worship God.  America was founded on Christian and biblical principles.  Long before we took God and prayer out of our schools, this country was founded with God as a very central part of our existence.  Now, more than ever, we are leaving God out of our decisions, schools and even our homes.  Love God with all that you are.
  2. Speak your mind.  Voice your opinion.  Do it for yourself and for your family.  Think for yourself.  Don’t write and don’t speak just what politicians and media say.  Know what you think and why and say it.  Tell whoever will listen. 
  3. Vote your heart and your conscience.  Know why you’re voting and for whom.  Vote based on your beliefs and understanding.  Take a stand on what you believe, not on parties or names, race or fancy speeches.  Vote on principles and morals.
  4. Take advantage of the opportunities you have.  Read, study and learn.  Get educated.  Don’t just go to high school or college or post-graduate school.   Keep learning.  Learn for life.  Learn from others.  Teach others what you’ve learned.
  5. Care more for other people than yourself.  Be selfless.  Think of others as more important than yourself.  Give and give some more. 

There you have it.  Five cheers and five wishes for America.  And don’t forget, eat two cookies and call me in the morning.


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