You Never Know

Sometimes you just never know how you might influence someone.  And you never know who or what they might tell about you.  You don’t know who might be watching and what they already know about you.  I meet people all day long.  It’s part of my job.  I have conversations about all sorts of things.  I talk about the weather, about travel, about sports, about God.  I just go with the flow.  I don’t remember everything I say and I don’t remember everyone I meet.  I do think about the impression I leave people with.

I was at a party on July 4th.  We had a great time.  We’d been there for a couple of hours doing the usual July 4th kind of things.  Talking.   Eating.  Watching the kids play in the water.  Scurrying out of the rain.  There was an older couple there, one that I didn’t know previously.  I’ll call them Tom and Jane.  Other than meeting each other, we didn’t talk much until my family and I were about to go.  Jane came up to me and told me that Mrs. Adams would be so glad to know that we met.  I wasn’t expecting that.  I took care of Mrs. Adams in a different town, at a different job.  But Mrs. Adams happened to be a neighbor of Tom and Jane.  Apparently she had spoken of me to the point that this couple knew who I was.  The lady told me how much I had helped Mrs. Adams.  Well, I had not ever given it much thought.  I just happened to be where I was when Mrs. Adams came along.

Now Mrs. Adams would never say anything bad about anyone, so I didn’t have to worry about her telling something bad about me.  But it did cause me to think about all those people we see day in and day out throught the course of our lives.  It may be at work, it may be at the store, at a restaurant or it may be at church or just may be driving down the road.  Wherever it may be, people often already know who we are and many times they are watching to see if we are the people that others have said we are.

After our brief conversation, I told Jane to give Mrs. Adams a big hug for me and tell her I said hi.  I should have told her to eat two cookies and call me in the morning.


One response to “You Never Know

  1. So true.

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