Yet Another Reason Not To …

I am constantly amazed at the stupid things that people do. Well, stupid to me. I’m sure it’s not so stupid to them though stupid is relevant – it depends on the person.  Or is it irrelevant?  Whatever the case, honestly, it’s not always because people are stupid.  Some very tragic things occur to people and sometimes they had no idea of the risk that they were taking.  Learning from the mistakes of other people is very important. Whenever I see someone do something that I wouldn’t consider doing, I say, “Yet Another Reason Not To..” So in honor, or in some cases, memory, of people who have done regrettable things, I have


1. … get yourself chased by a bunch of bulls. The “Running of the Bulls” occurred once again recently in Pamplona, Spain. I just don’t understand these people. I know it’s tradition, but come on. Big bulls with big horns chasing you down narrow alleys. It’s a miracle that more people don’t seriously get hurt. Check out some of these:
Running of the Bulls
Silly People
Ay, Ay, Ay

2. … go bungee jumping. I just am not going to go bungee jumping. Something just doesn’t seem right about jumping from somewhere real high attached to a real stretchy cord. Have you ever seen a rubber band break?
Poor Guy

3. … go SCUBA diving with a spouse who has been recently checking if you’ve made them the beneficiary.

Well, this one is sad. You’ve probably heard the story about Gabe and Tina Watson. Come on, now. The guy’s a rescue diver and he can’t find it within himself to go rescue his new wife? Sounds fishy to me. If you haven’t heard about it, here’s the story:

I think he’s guilty

4. … eat chitlins. Enough said – pig guts!

Gonna Puke
That’s Plenty, Thank YOU!!

5. … swim with alligators. The thing that gets me about the second guy is the sign that said, “Danger Live Alligators.” Granted, if you’re running from the PO-lice, they’re not likely to chase you into a pond with live alligators. Then again, they realize there’s no real need to chase after you – you’re already pretty much caught.

Not For the Faint of Heart
Not Too Smart


3 responses to “Yet Another Reason Not To …

  1. True enough. It’s hard to understand what goes on in the mind of others. That, or I’m just afraid of digging deeper into their heads and be shocked with what I find.

  2. maybe people just wanna live on the “wild” side… ya only live once huh?

  3. i agree stupid is a relative thing, it depends on many factors, what might seem stupid to one, might not be stupid to others. but sometimes it does make me laugh on others act, although i try to control that. i would rather call them weird not stupid.

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