What is Grace and Mercy?

Glad you asked.  I grew up in a Christian home.  I have been in church for pretty much all of my life.  I’ve bandied about different words of faith, often times not truly understanding their meanings.  Two of these words, grace and mercy, are often used in our churches, our lives, our conversations and our prayers.  I wonder if these are two words that we have often used, not really grasping their meanings.  Today, I’ll share what these two words have come to mean to me.

Grace – The definition that I always remember hearing and repeating growing up is “unmerited favor.”  What it means to me is this: getting something for which I’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve.  Let me put it this way.  God has shown me His grace in so many ways.  Above all, I’ve come to know Him through faith in God and Christ.  This relationship is based on God’s grace.  It is a gift, pure and simple.  There is nothing I have done or can do on my own merit to have deserved a relationship with Who I believe is the Creator of all that exists.  When I am blessed with blessing after blessing, whether material, physical, emotional, relational, spiritual or whatever it may be, I am experiencing grace, getting what I don’t deserve.

Mercy – My definition is similar but quite different from my definition of grace.  I like to say that mercy is not getting something negative that I absolutely do deserve. My kids learned early on about mercy.  One of the kids did something that deserved a spanking.  We explained what mercy was and said that we would show them mercy and not spank them.  (Of course the drawback was, for several times after that, everytime they deserved a punishment, they would ask for mercy.)  The ultimate merciful act was shown by Christ when he took what we deserve, death, when he died on the cross for our sins.

Now let me tell you how these work together, at least in my understanding and experience.  So many times, whether through actions or words I really deserve some sort of discipline or punishment.  However, not only do I not receive that punishment (I call this mercy), I am given blessing after blessing (I call this grace).  The receiving of the mercy itself is also grace in my eyes.  It reminds me the chorus in the song “At Calvary”, by William Newell – “Mercy there was great and grace was free.  Pardon there was multiplied to me.  There my burdened soul found liberty at Calvary.”


10 responses to “What is Grace and Mercy?

  1. it’s confusing. i wanted really understand mercy. incase u got a mo detaild literature on grace & mercy, plz 4ward 2 me.

  2. Obviously agrees as to what you could explained. I convey for you, I typically get irked whenever others examine topics them to obviously are usually not privy to. You are competent to hit the nail on the and in addition discussed out every little thing without complication. people may take a signal.

  3. You are absolutely right as per your explanation about Grace and Mercy but there is a slight difference between the two word. Grace has to do with unmerited Favour like you said, simply put this way, having what you did not deserve or qualify for. Mercy is the compassionate treatment of a person greater than what he or she deserved and it is made possible through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Lastly, Grace can take you there, but Mercy will keep you there.

  4. What is the difference between Mercy and Grace? This answer is quite interesting:)

  5. Grace is extended mercy .. at a time when mercy should be cut off. … giving us, as you indicate… Something good instead of something bad …or turning a cursing into a blessing. Mercy is a withholding of something bad when we should by all rights.. be receiving the bad .. but it is also .. immediate correction for something bad so it can be stopped. .. or it will continue and when judgment comes .. we get destruction or death.

  6. the explanation is really good – sweet and simple.
    thank you.
    it is not confusing – you have to accept it in your heart to understand it.
    it is not only interesting but speaks to the heart as well.

  7. your thoughts on grace and mercy are inspiring… it’s really good and heart warming…having wisdom…thanks u.

    and please allow me to add a thought on it..

    grace and mercy are both the acts of love from God that we receive. and at times believers have the tendency to enjoy and focus on the received gift itself (mercy and grace) and forgot the Author or the Giver of grace and mercy. ((smile )..

    let us not forget to to give back the praise and glory to the Author of our salvation and blessings..

    thanks. God bless.

  8. Very clear and appreciated.

  9. I was just pondering on this two blessing of God and i typed it into google and i saw knowledge in every of ur explanations, blessing u are to this generation, may God keep you stronger. Thanks.

  10. I love your definitions and explanations! Our Sunday School teacher defines grace using an acronym and it really has helped me:


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