Great Places to Visit – Cartagena

Cartagena is located on the north coast of Colombia.  It gets pretty hot so be sure to bring an air conditioner.  Try your hand at bargaining and buy yourself a guitar.  Then go to the old walled city and perform for the local flock of pigeons.  If they’re not responding, try catching one – it can be done – twice, in fact, like this friendly visitor had the occasion to do.  And, don’t forget to get some dredlocks while you’re there.

Other things to try in Cartagena

  • Go to one of the nearby beaches, rent a Jet-Ski and then relax on the beach with a massage by one of the locals.
  • Visit the La Popa monastery.
  • Go through the tunnels at El Castillo de San Felipe, an old fortress.
  • Pay money to use the toilet in the little shop across from the main entrance to El Castillo.
  • Take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the Old City at night.
  • Eat supper in the Old City in San Pedro Claver Square and watch local performers.
  • Go shopping for great Colombian emeralds.
  • Visit the Cartagena Gold Museum.
  • Catch a ride to one of the nearby Islands of Las Islas del Rosario.
  • Sit on your balcony, watch the sunset over the water and eat two cookies and call me in the morning.

One response to “Great Places to Visit – Cartagena

  1. I read a great article on this city in Colombia last year. Since I’m in Aruba right now, it wouldn’t take but a few hours on planes to get there. Maybe I’ll give it a try next month. Thanks for the post from us at

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