This Week’s Shame Award Goes To:

I know that in many people’s minds, President George Bush hasn’t done a great job.  Many people are dissatisfied with his performance as shown in many polls (however much of that is media-driven, we’ll never know).  However, it’s a shame that there is a proposal to name a sewage facility in San Francisco after the President. 

No matter how poorly a President has done, he is still the President and deserves respect as President.  If we were to name sewage facilities after Presidents with poor performances or questionable decisions, shouldn’t there be many more such Presidential Sewage Facilities around the country?  I can think of many Presidential errors over the years. 

This week’s shame award goes to the organizer of the petition to place the naming of the facility on the November ballot, Brian McConnell.  I’m sure that there is plenty of sewage to take care of in San Francisco but this President is not responsible for that garbage.  Maybe McConnell could run some of that San Francisco mess through the sewer itself.  After all, a sewer’s job is to “clean up a mess”


Brian McConnell

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