Good Morning From Heaven

On July 12th, 1996, our daughter Morgan died at the age of 7 months from leukemia.  From her first week of life it was a great struggle for her.  Despite a nurse telling my wife to “just get over it, she has colic,” something just wasn’t right with our little girl. She was constantly crying until finally starting chemotherapy which, unfortunately, took its toll on her little body. 

After just a short few months with us, she was gone. As she was dying, my wife was startled and swears she felt the brush of an angel’s wing or saw its shadow.  We feel confident that she is in Heaven now.  In memory of Morgan, I’m writing what I think she might say or hope she would say from Heaven if she could.

Good morning from Heaven, Mommy and Daddy.  I know you miss me but don’t be bothered.  I’m in great hands, big strong hands.  It’s so beautiful and sunny this morning here.  The colors are so brilliant and bright.  Actually it’s beautiful and sunny all day every day.  But it’s not the sunshine that makes it sunny.  There’s no need for sun here.  There’s no need for anything – we have everything we need.  The best things that you can imagine about life where you live are so much better and brighter and bolder here in Heaven.  Everything you can think of is beyond anything you know or have experienced.

Everybody’s happy here.  Everyone’s peaceful.  No one ever cries, no one ever hurts, no one ever argues – it’s just perfect.    I know Pappy and Grandpa and lots of others who know you.  There are old people and young people and lots of babies.  Well, in your mind, that’s how you would perceive it.  But nobody has ages and no one’s body is like an earth body.  It’s only life, no death.

You should hear the music.  It’s so pretty.  Remember how much I loved to rock in your lap and hear you hum and sing to me.  You sang, “Silent Night, Holy Night.”  The angels sing the most amazing songs and worship like you can’t believe.  

The center of all worship is God Himself and Jesus, the Lion and the Lamb. There is no self-worship. We don’t worship other people. We don’t worship other gods. We aren’t distracted by senseless and useless things. We just worship God and enjoy His presence. It’s been the same since the first day and it will always be.

Don’t worry, it’s calm and peaceful here.  I know you miss me but I see you every day.  I saw how you cried when I left you. I wanted to shout to you so you would know how great it is here. But some things you’ll never understand until you see them for yourself. I’m cheering you on.  Hang in there.  I love you.



4 responses to “Good Morning From Heaven

  1. I have two young daughters, and have tremendous sympathy for you. If something like that were to happen to me, without the benefit of the certainty of your faith, I probably would be tempted to believe in just about anything (especially something that was already familiar to me) that offered explanation, and a certainty that my little one was somewhere safe and taken care of. I would be a broken person.

    You have written a bit about being willing to accept Jesus’ gift. I have not myself researched extensively Biblical verses that would justify or deny what someone’s capacity must be to accept Jesus’ gift. We are born with sin, hence I believe Catholicism’s requirement that even the youngest must go through certain rights to have hope of Heaven. Is there any specific Biblical direction as to the age at which there must be a conscious and deliberate acceptance? What happens before then?

    I myself would probably say that if one believes at all, even one tiny bit, in the concept of just result, there could be no other result of such a situation (given the assumption of a belief in Christian Heaven) than that a baby would of course go to Heaven. But as I have been told before, just because I have a belief as to whether something is just or not apparently doesn’t matter unless it is consistent with explicit Biblical verse. Take, for example, this:

    What do I do with that? As discussed in another thread, I don’t have the time or the inclination to go back and learn the ancient languages of all religions so I can debate with people about what was originally written and what it meant. Does this go to the other post about archeological evidence of the Bible, where these things are unquestionably true? If it is a matter of interpretation, does that invalidate objective truth? If they are speaking falsity, they do so with extreme conviction.

    Cliff, you said there weren’t that many grains of sand, and those grains of sand that there were perhaps were not all so different–acceptance of Jesus as savior, and that the differences between most of the grains don’t amount to major consequences. These two grains of sand, these two interpretations, appear to mean a lot, wouldn’t you say?

    And so, I struggle on.

  2. paragraph 2
    rights = rites

  3. cliffordthedawg

    I appreciate your struggle. I have several thoughts and verses that I think are helpful. I wish I did but, no, I don’t have a verse that says, “all babies go to Heaven.” But I think I have a reasonable explanation. I’m going to write that as a post since there are several thoughts and verses that I will refer to and it’s easier than this little window. Should be done today or tomorrow, depending on the time I have.

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