Amazing Grace

Grace.  There are a few concepts that, for me, are almost beyond explanation and understanding.  We can put words to them to define them.  We can paint pictures, we can give examples and we can make videos but the magnitude of their meaning far exceeds what we can describe in human terms. 

Grace is one of those concepts.  I can’t fully describe it and I have trouble explaining it.  Maybe you know what I mean.  When I think of who I am and how God has rescued me, I’m at a lost of adequately expressing the joy I’ve experienced.  I’ve been ransomed and pardoned.  Not on the basis of any good thing I’ve done.  Not on the basis of anything but God’s grace.  Grace.  Unmerited favor, receiving something good that I absolutely don’t deserve.  I hope you enjoy the link to Chris Tomlin’s version of Amazing Grace.


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