Overcoming Bad Things in Life – J.C. Brignone

I love college football.  Unfortunately, we often put players on a pedestal and only look at the game’s final score.  Everyone worries about how their team’s going to do this year and what great recruits the team is after for next year.  As soon as they are released, sports magazines previewing the teams, like Athlon’s (MSU preview), fly off the shelves (I still have to get mine, though). Tons of money are spent every year going to games.  But beyond the game and the scores and the championship rings are normal kids.  We forget that all too often.  Here is a link to a great story about a kid who’s had a lot of bad things happen in his life.  I wish we had more stories about kids like this.  It seems what we usually hear about are the bad things kids do and the trouble they get into.  I hope you enjoy reading about J.C. Brignone.


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