Archaeologic Find Backs Old Testament

Earlier this year, a little piece of clay was found that is believed to be the seal of Gedaliah who is mentioned in the book of Jeremiah.  Gedaliah served in the court of King Zedekiah during the final days of the kingdom of Judah.  If the seal is authentic,  it is archaeological evidence that further seems to back the authenticity of Jeremiah and the Bible.  There is much more evidence that has been discovered that appears to further lend support to the Bible.  The reliability of the Bible is something that has been questioned many times, yet there are many examples of its reliability that I think are pretty convincing and hard to deny.

(“Now Shephatiah the son of Mattan, and Gedaliah the son of Pashhur, and Jucal the son of Shelemiah, and Pashhur the son of Malchijah heard the words that Jeremiah was speaking to all the people, saying,”  Jeremiah 38:1 NASB)


9 responses to “Archaeologic Find Backs Old Testament

  1. Certainly, anyone with an honest and open-minded intellect, the evidence for the Bible’s authenticity and accuracy is unquestionable. It is those with other agendas who continue to rail against the truth. Yet God loves them too. Thanks for the informative post. Bryan

  2. I agree Bryan. Thanks for visiting. I checked out your blog. I appreciate the insightful devotions.

  3. “Certainly, anyone with an honest and open-minded intellect, the evidence for the Bible’s authenticity and accuracy is unquestionable.”

    Ironic much?

    Being honest and open-minded means nothing is validly unquestionable, much less characterizing those who question or who in good faith point out what is not consistent with the Bible as “rail[ing] against the truth.”

    (1) A quick Google search shows that some experts are being cautious because of the various similar artifacts that have surfaced in the past that have turned out to be faked, and (2) because some individuals and events in the Bible have been validated does not by extension prove the truth of every described person and event.

  4. I really wish I understood the black and white mindset…As to say the bible is 100% True, or 100% false……..It is neither….it has real places and real people,WEAVED IN WITH fictional people,and EVENTS………………………..this is not an original concept,the Babylonians and Sumerians did this aswell. Infact, if you read the ancient texts and tablets you will find THE FIRST MENTION OF “ISRAEL” THE FICTIONAL TALES OF OLD TEST ARE BORROWED 1. Garden of eve…..2.The fall of Man, ……3. ark and the flood….4. 10 commandments………5. 2 brothers story.. 6.Moses and the “BABY IN A BASKET………………..7 GODs speaking man into existence in his image,women from a rib, talking snakes, ……

  5. cliffordthedawg

    Thanks Chris for stopping by. I admit I don’t understand the black and white mindset either. It’s hard to understand anyone’s culture unless you’ve really walked in their shoes.

    I appreciate your points of view on the Biblical and archaeological issues as well though I don’t know exactly what you mean by it being partly fictional. Certainly some of the parables that Jesus told are just that, parables or fictional stories to illustrate a point.

  6. I will pick up where Chris left off, which is to say that if the artifact turns out to be valid and not a fake, the would not be evidence of, say, young earth creationism, or The Flood, or David and Goliath, or the flat earth theory, or that people used to live hundreds of years, etc.

    Now, Chris is taking it one step further than that and pointing out that some parts of the Old Testament are pull-forwards from even more ancient religions whose stories were modified and incorporated into the Old Testament. Much like many Roman Gods were modeled after Greek Gods, but had different names and the stories about them were in places very similar but also in other places different (updated times, new culture, etc.). So his links point to sites that would corroborate that view, specifically those precursor and contemporary cultures that would be the equivalent of the Greeks, and to compare those to the stories of the Old Testament, which in the analogy above would represent the Romans.

    So that’s what Chris was talking about relating to a black and white mindset, that there are people who believe every word of the Bible is literally true, and not one single thing in it can be untrue or in any way erroneous. This is in opposition to those (including myself) who say that there are too many scientific inaccuracies and logical contradictions for 100% of the Bible to be literally true in every word.

  7. cliffordthedawg

    Thanks for clearing that up. I was obviously thinking the racial black and white – thinking he may have been commenting on the racial posts I’ve written.

    I realize that these artifacts could be fake (and creating fake artifacts is just flat-out wrong and purely self-serving) but if they are valid I realize that they also aren’t 100% proof of the Bible’s authenticity – that is not what I stated. I would note that there apparently have been forgeries, fakes and hoaxes, as you express concern about, but, from what I remember(it’s been a few years), haven’t there been fakes produced by proponents of beliefs that would be oppositional to a biblical worldview? I never hear anyone from the “other side of the aisle” mentioning that. In any event, in this case, I don’t think one could deny that these artifacts could, at least, lend support to the Bible’s authenticity. They certainly wouldn’t disprove the Bible but clearly could support the Bible. That is my contention, that these artifacts lend more support, as opposed to taking away from, the Bible.

    I am aware of the argument/discussion about this that has and is taking place among people much more scholarly than myself. For every thesis/study that argues one side, you can find one that maintains the opposite opinion. Each side offers what it believes and what appears to be compelling evidence, both saying the other is wrong, or at least not totally right.

    btw, HK, I’m working on that other post. I’ve been out of town all day today, out last night, gone tomorrow night, so I’m about 1/3 of the way through with what I’d like to write about – whether or not babies go to Heaven. Hopefully I’ll finish soon though.

    Also, I’ve looked into the YEC and OEC that you mentioned in your other comments under – bad things happening to good people. I didn’t realize it but I’ve known about YEC and OEC for a while, but I just wasn’t familiar with those terms by which you referred to them. That is a discussion that has also been going on for many years. I think it’s very possible for God to have created life in a way beyond a strict one-day-as-we-know-it and a strict 24 hour day timeframe. That is, did He do it over 7 different long time periods, a day is like a thousand to God, you know, etc, etc, all of which I’m sure you’re familiar with.

    Honestly, I haven’t worried too much about completely figuring that one out. My belief is God created the earth, animals, people, etc. Exactly when and how he did it, with regard to the 7 days, 7 periods, etc., I can’t prove and really don’t worry much about. But I do believe God is in control, that there is Intelligent Design (though I’m not real familiar with all of the recent assertions and controversy with I.D. movement).

  8. Sorry about the black and white analogy, no racial implications were meant. I was just saying that many have not even entertained the idea that the bible has BOTH fact and fiction. Just because the Sumerian tablets have the early stories nearly to a tee makes no suggestion that Yashua really perform miracles. Though I don’t claim to believe in any particular deity,I am not closed minded to the possibility of one….Peace

  9. cliffordthedawg

    I understand Chris, thanks. Archaeology is something that I find really interesting, I wish I had a lot more time to look at it, I’m not educated enough to comment with authority on it though raising possibilities and questioning can be done by anyone. I appreciate your thoughts and comments, feel free to comment and discuss anything.

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