This Week’s Shame Award Goes To:

Most of the Airlines.

Are you getting irritated yet with airlines nickeling and diming you?  I am.  Almost everyday, it seems like airlines are charging for anything they can get their grimy hands on.  From water, to pillows to surcharges, they’re picking your pocket daily.  JetBlue is guilty of charging you to rest your head.  U.S. Airways is guilty of making you pay for your thirst.  American is guilty for charging extra for luggage.  What?  Is everyone just supposed to wear the same clothes for the whole trip?  Forget the freebies.  The free deck of cards flew out the window years ago.  But, wait, they are not the only ones.  Check out 10 obnoxious hidden airline fees.  Where’s the service like here on Emirates?  Shame on the airlines!


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