Abuse of Power

Something’s not quite right with our whole system here in America.  I still think it’s the best in the world but not necessarily a “more perfect union” any longer.  Increasingly, it seems that there are more and more abuses of power and just outright outrageous acts perpetrated on normal people and society as a whole by those who are supposed to protect us.  Below are a few links to, what I find, are just a few examples of the system gone, at least, a little wrong.  While I haven’t completely decided on the ACLU’s claims in the link below, I include it since many people feel like there have been egregious abuses by the Bush administration. I think our government should be given leeway in certain instances. I’m stil hopeful, though, as many find these abuses of power disturbing and sound the alarm, that changes will be made for the better and America will become a better place to live.

Vermont rape of child – two months – Rape a child or curse at the judge.  Equal crimes deserving two months?

Police Raids – Over aggressive police raids on innocent people.

ACLU’s Top Ten Abuses – Critics of Bush and post -911 governmental actions.


2 responses to “Abuse of Power

  1. Check your history on the ACLU. They were started as a front for the Communist Party in America. If you use their standards they would have impeached Washington, Lincoln and FDR for abuse of power. They are a joke and their list is onesided. By the way, the ACLU defends nuts like the child rapist and the judge who let him off the hook.

  2. Benji, good to hear from you. Yeah, I know about the ACLU – books could be written about them and the things they’ve done, I pretty much don’t like them. This is not at all about defending the ACLU or even about talking about them.

    This little tidbit article was just meant to show, in just a little way, some of the things that have gone wrong with America and the link to the ACLU is provided just to show what others see as abuse or potential abuse of power.

    A whole lot more could be written about abuse of power. The idea is that part of what’s wrong in America (and there is a lot of what’s right in America but that’s different) includes the many abuses of power.

    If you have some other examples of abuses of power, link to them. Thanks.

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