Is Obama American? Will the Real Man Please Step Forward.

Rumors and speculation have been floating around a while about whether or not Obama was born a U.S. citizen.  There have been reports and blogs (read here) that have tried to address this potentially explosive issue. The true answer to the question could have an enormous impact on this year’s presidential election given the constitutional requirements to be president.  Read also about his Forged Birth Certificate.  So is this a story or is it a nonissue?  You decide.


3 responses to “Is Obama American? Will the Real Man Please Step Forward.

  1. For a counterpoint to this ridiculous rumor (I’m no Obama fan, I was hoping for a Ron Paul miracle), I recommend reading here:

    Bottom line to me is that there are a lot of reasons to like or dislike both major party candidates (although, like Ron Paul, I see very little difference between them), and this conspiracy theory is a non-issue that will live for years and years and years despite no one being able to prove the claims.

  2. cliffordthedawg

    Thanks for the link. It’d be nice to know with 100% certainty, but forget the nationality for a minute and look at the candidates. I really don’t like either one and feel like I’m voting for the lesser of two bad candidates. I can’t say I find a lot to like about the two but find more that I dislike – maybe I’m cynical.

  3. obam will us into hell

    every time i see obama on tv it makes me sick to my stomach

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