1 Month Blogoversary – Learning How to Blog

I started blogging July 2, 2008. So, August 2 I was glad to celebrate my 1 month blogoversary. I really didn’t have any idea what would happen when I started. I just wanted to write and write whatever I felt like writing about.

I wanted to have a site for me, where I could keep track of videos and music that I like. I wanted to share some of my life’s experiences. I just wanted to blog. And I guess that’s what blogging is.

I don’t know how one really measures success. I always say that you can always find someone better and you can always find someone worse than you are in whatever it is you’ve done. I’ve had almost 3,700 hits as I’m writing now, so someone’s reading it. I’ve had some great comments and great discussions which have been challenging.

It’s always good to find ways to learn from your experiences. So, here’s a few things that I’ve learned about blogging and how to blog.

  1. Write something.  Well, that’s what it’s all about. 
  2. Write consistently.  I’ve seen some blogs where there is only one entry from several months or years previously.  Not surprisingly, there hasn’t been many readers.  The more you write, the more content you have.  The more content, the more people find your blog.  You don’t have to post everyday, but at least a few times a week is probably a good idea.
  3. Have good content.  I guess we all struggle here, some more than others.  I try to have good content and have definitely noticed when there’s something people are looking for, they generally find it.
  4. Let people comment.  I read one blog where the writer described how his comments were often deleted from a blog,  not from vulgarity or obscenity, but just because they had differing opinions.
  5. Engage people in their comments.  When someone comments, respond to them.  Don’t run them off but engage them in their discussion. 
  6. Express your belief and opinion.  People will disagree.  People have different beliefs.  Don’t be afraid to say what you believe and realize there are others that will do the same.
  7. Be understandable.  Use decent grammar and spelling with readable sentences.  You don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to master the language.  But be understandable.
  8. Link.  Be sure to link to other sites.  If you leave a comment somewhere, leave the address to your site.  Just be sure to include links.
  9. Don’t worry about how many people read your blog.  Just write, do all of the above and enjoy blogging.
  10. Read other people’s blogs.

So I’m having a good time blogging.  These are just some things I’ve learned.

Update.  One more for the road.  I’ve found that whatever and no matter what you write, there will always be someone who disagrees.  I know I covered that a little in #6 above, but I could say, “the sky is blue,” and someone will disagree, “saying the sky is not blue, it is green.”  And, just maybe, it really is green to them.


4 responses to “1 Month Blogoversary – Learning How to Blog

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  2. Congratulations! I totally agree with all the points that you wrote. When I first started blogging back in November last year, all I cared about was the number of hits I get :-P

    I also like to add that it takes time to really ‘find your voice’ or rhythm for your blog. So don’t give up just because you start thinking that there is no direction or nobody is reading your blog. Just write and enjoy :-)

  3. Oh wait, I just realized that what I wrote was basically the same thing as point 2 and 9 :mrgreen:

  4. cliffordthedawg

    So is your avatar what you really look like in person. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, when I started writing, I didn’t really know how this would turn out but I feel like I’m getting my rhythm, I think.

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