Did the Chinese Cheat in the Olympics – After Further Review

I wrote earlier here that the U.S. (not meaning necessarily the girls themselves) looked like “sore losers” when the U.S. women’s gymnastics team lost to the Chinese girls.  As probably everyone knows, there have been accusations that at least one, if not several of the Chinese girls were below the legal age to compete in the Olympics. 

Had the U.S. girls not made some crucial mistakes, though, I feel like they would have won and the issue would be closer to a moot point right now.   But they were beaten, possibly by a team that has cheated.  So after further review, especially if the Chinese are proven to have cheated, calling the U.S., particularly the girls,  “sore losers” is inappropriate on my part.  (Again, calling the girls themselves the “sore losers” was not my intended message, but rather the U.S. as a whole, the “we” that we hear when we collectively say “we lost” or “we won” as if we were part of the team.)

Since writing the post, there have been some great comments and I have seen a lot about the issue of whether or not there is a competitive advantage enjoyed by the younger athletes (under 16).  While there is still some controversy and there are some differing opinions, it looks like the consensus opinion is that they do indeed have a competitive advantage, though how much is still debatable.  So after further review, I find myself siding with those who say the 13 and 14 year olds hold at least some potential competitive advantage.

I still believe that if there is any question of cheating, then there should be a full investigation, just like U.S. and other athletes have been subject to in Olympic and non-Olympic competitions.  In fact the IOC should be ashamed if they don’t investigate.  But if cheating is proven, then appropriate action should be taken and the medals revoked.  Unfortunately, as one of my readers commented in the first post, the real victims are the little Chinese girls whose bodies and minds will forever bear the burden of the controversy and what had to have been very strenuous physical and mental preparation prior to the games.


21 responses to “Did the Chinese Cheat in the Olympics – After Further Review

  1. It is a real shame the Chinese government decided to get caught-up in this scandal. I hope the proper investigations do occur; Roy Jones Jr. deserved the gold in Korea, yet was robbed it is happening all over again in Asia. I guarantee anyone that the Chinese will not win half the amount of gold medals in 2012 London. In fact they should be banned if they are found guilty of cheating, let’s just hope it’s not a slap on the hand like the NFL did with the New England, Patriots.

  2. Nastia Liukin scored the same score and still lost, tell me thats not cheating.

  3. The judges have been showing a little favoritism for the Chinese in the gymnastics events. Nastia Liukin did a better job than the Chinese girls and only received a silver medal. It is really astonishing to see the real winner not win at all.

  4. Not that big a deal either way. Just a bunch of kids playing a game. I was busy running around filing taxes, renewing alien registration card, etc., these things seemed a whole lot more important to me.

    I wonder though, if there is a competitive advantage to competing under 16, then why don’t they lower the age limit?

  5. IMO the judges seemed to favor the Chinese in any event where a judge is used to decide who wins. Nastia should have won ! The chinese girls have fell and made many mistakes and yet they score higher. The judges may be paid off for all I know. I hope the Olympics never returns to China. Those judges should be ashamed of them selves. This is ridiculous!

  6. cliffordthedawg

    I wonder if we took a poll, what the outcome would be to two questions.

    Did the Chinese alter the passports and ages?

    Are the judges being a little biased in their scores?

    It is just a game and in the final analysis, there are more important things in life. But on a world stage where abuse is so prevalent, it smacks of hypocrisy that a world-unifying event would turn a blind eye to potential abuses by any country.

  7. Too bad the Chinese had to cheat their way to Gold. They must not have been very confident in their abilities to resort to that. Makes them more of a bunch of losers if you ask me. That’s not the worst of it – now everyone is going to think that all Chinese people are a bunch of cheaters (not the case, but it will happen).

    • funny, lose is lose , donot be a poor loser,i wonder why u could say that , i have been China, people there are friendly and honsety. never say what u said,

      • jaonkill, I’ve been to China too and they are notorious for cheating to save their face. It’s all they worry about 24/7. It’s engrained in their culture to save face and gain face especially at a worldwide event held in their own country. The Chinese should take pride in trying their best, not manipulating their image. People in Bejing even lot job because the govt shut down buinesses there that caued too much polution. They did that just to save face with Bejing’s appearence. Yes the Chinese are friendly and usually honest, but you may only have Chinese pride becuase you’ve never left the country (and can’t).

  8. Its amazing they win all the events that are judged and we win all the events that judges arent involved in. Its a screw job the ioc is in the pocket of the chinese. if the ioc would get off their asses and do a little research and investigating the chinese would be stripped of a lot of medals.

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  10. The Chinese won cause of their performance not cause of their age. You’ll see that the US made more mistakes then the Chinese. Look at the Divers, and Men’s gymnastics! They performed great in those events. Are you saying the judges are being favoritism towards the chinese? Not what I see. They did little to no mistakes.

  11. First of, I’m not from China, nor am I from USA. I just wanna express my opinion.

    To amanda: “Its amazing they win all the events that are judged and we win all the events that judges arent involved in.”

    This is not correct. In Diving, China lost to Australia for 10m platform after leading the scores until the last dive. So tell me, where is the favoritism? Also, please don’t say that USA won all the events that judges aren’t involved. Did USA win Table tennis? Badminton? Please, these are the sports that you won’t even bother to watch. And mind you, China is very strong in these sports.

    I watched the so called “underaged” gymnastic event. I don’t think USA performed better than China. So China did deserve their medals. It’s just that you don’t wanna accept the fact, and then came out with a bunch of stupid excuses.

    It doesn’t hurt if you post the comment after you have watched the event, rather than just shout because of some misleading information posted by US media.

  12. Funny that all the people supporting the under-aged athlete seem to think it was OK because she did well. I don’t think I’d be opposed to changing the rules, but we should make it a point to follow the rules as they are. If several of the gymnasts are under aged, it would be rather disappointing. (But not totally surprising.)

  13. Thanks all of the above for the comments. As most things, people fall on one side or the other of the issue and it’s still a thorny issue to a lot of people regardless of what side they’re on. I’m curious, where are you guys from, if not the U.S. or China?

  14. Hi cliffordthedawg, I’m from Indonesia. How about you?

    Well, it’s not that I’m pro China or anti USA. The fact is I’m talking from my point of view as a spectator, I did watch those competitions. I mean, who are we for questioning the judges? They are professional assigned by the IOC. They know how to judge. We as the spectators, only know the skin…

    As for under-aged issue, of course it’s not right. We must follow the rule. And IOC has stated that there’s no problem with the ID of those Chinese gymnasts. Case closed.

    When our World No.1 mixed-double Badminton team lost to the unseeded Korean, we never complain or suspecting that the Korean team is cheated or has bribed the referee. Even though you’re No.1, you can’t always win. That’s life. We just hope that next time will be better…

    Last but not least, when China VS USA in Basketball, I supported USA. I’m a big fan of NBA, that’s why I felt happy when USA won their gold medal.

  15. Devilito, nice to have you here. I’m from Mississippi, USA. I think for the majority of Americans now, they moved past this. You’re right that you can’t always win. What really irked people was that there were serious allegations and now, apparent proof that has been documented, of the girls from China being under 16. Many people feel they have a competitive advanatage because of their age and should be disqualified if they cheated.

    Anyway, that’s where a lot of people are coming from. Me? I’m ready to move on to college football which starts this week. Thanks for reading. What do you do for a living?

  16. Hi cliffordthedawg, nice to know you :)

    I work as a software engineer. I assume you’re still young cause you’re in college? Brought back those sweet memories when I was still in college few years ago :p

    So you’re into sport too, nice to know that. I like to play basketball and soccer. I play football too, but not that good.

  17. Devilito, I’m not in college anymore, 39 years old, I just really enjoy MSU sports. I like just about any kind of sports really though I’m pretty busy these days. Where did you go to college?

  18. Hello, I’m 14 and from the US of A, currently residing in West Virginia.

    I was so surprised when I read this post! Why in the world would the Chinese even take the chance of putting in under aged atheltes. I do understand that they would think that it would give them the upper-leg, but why even try?! Now, the Chinese did do AMAZINGLY well on performance, and I do think that is why they won.The American girls made a lot of costly mistakes that could’ve been easily prevented, but they lost for obvious reasons. Plain and Simple, the Chinese won because THEY DID BETTER THAN THE US!!

  19. I agree with the peron who’s name I can’t read. The rules are the rules. Bottom line. You don’t have to call it “cheating” if you think they still earned it, but we all must call it “breaking the rules”. That’s the point. If you’re going to compete in the freaking Olypics, then you must follow the rules.

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