This Week’s Shame Award Goes To:

The Olympic Officials – IOC

In light of the recent allegations and concerns over the ages of the Chinese women’s gymnastic’s team, many people are calling for an investigation.  However, unless there is news to the contrary, the IOC apparently wants no part of an investigation, satisfied with the passports provided by the team.

 There are also calls for the IOC to investigate the alleged abuse of media freedom. Again, there doesn’t appear to be much traction with these calls. And that doesn’t even include the questionable judging that we’ve seen. Perhaps the IOC is afraid of shaming a country as opposed to doing what appears to be right.

Among several tragedies, perhaps the greatest is the message the IOC would be sending to the world and to kids in general. That is, forget about what is right, let’s go with what’s easy. If you’re a kid and you’re being abused or taken advantage of by people in authority, sorry but we’re in the corner with the adults. Then again, that’s an abuse that has undoubtedly been perpetrated from time immemorial.

Given all of the concerns, allegations and people affected, I say shame on the Olympic Officials for not taking the steering wheel. They owe it to the world. Really, they owe it to China. For if the Chinese are indeed innocent, which they claim, the IOC is doing nothing to help the image of the Chinese on the national stage.

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Alleged Media Abuse
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One response to “This Week’s Shame Award Goes To:

  1. I agree, I think the inactivity of the IOC is more shameful than if China actually cheated. It’s bad enough to cheat, but when you have the power to at least make sure someone is/isn’t cheating, and you don’t do anything about it, it’s worse. It seems like the IOC is willing to sacrifice morals and principles for a smooth sailing Olympics

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