Three Things I Learned About Barack Obama at Saddleback

I listened to the Saddleback forum with Barack Obama and John McCain this weekend.  I actually was kind of mad, because my wife wanted to watch it and I didn’t.  Well, it was much more informative than I thought it would be.  I thought the forum was fair and each candidate was given equal opportunity to speak for himself rather than repeating talking points.  Though some people have accused John McCain of hearing Obama’s answers prior to his own turn, I don’t think he did and it seems unfair to Rick Warren and Saddleback.  It appeared perfectly fair and honest.  Here are three things I learned about Obama as a result of the forum at Saddleback.

1.  He didn’t seem to be willing to fully express exactly what he believes.  Every time he answered a question, he kind of stammered, seemingly hedging his bets.  It looked to me that he was trying to decide how what he said would affect the voters who were listening rather than stating his beliefs and what he stands for regardless of the ears his words fell upon. 

2.  He must have a really low pay grade.  The President doesn’t make millions like A-Rod but he ought to be able to form a moral opinion and express it.  Morals knows no pay scale.  People making dollars a day make moral decisions and life and death decisions daily.  The vast majority of people who will vote in this election make significantly less than the President, yet have formed a moral opinion.  Whether or not Obama is pro-life is not the point in my post.  The point is that he implied that it’s not up to him to form a moral opinion, or at least, he can’t make any determination to when a baby actually becomes a being.  Do we need an amoral president?  God knows we’ve certainly had immoral presidents.  If you think Obama has, in fact, come to a moral decision, then why didn’t he just repeat that he believed life began at conception or, at least that fatherhood does,  as he did in his Father’s Day Speech?

3.  He thinks lack of experience should not be rewarded with a job upgrade.  Obama clearly stated that he wouldn’t have appointed Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court because he wasn’t experienced.  Well, he didn’t say the whole word.  He said what sounded like “ex” before he changed his sentence midstream.  He still went on to basically say that Thomas wasn’t experienced and shouldn’t be given such a jump in job status.  Yet, he wants us to promote him from one-time Senator and community organizer to President?  Say what?  How in the world is it O.K. for Obama to get such an upgrade yet Clarence Thomas (who was much more experienced relative to his line of work) is not worthy?  What’s fit for the goose is fit for the gander.


4 responses to “Three Things I Learned About Barack Obama at Saddleback

  1. …you should add, without a teleprompter Obama falls apart.

    Everyone acts like he is the second coming when he gives speeches and fawn all over him. Once he is not scripted, the shine comes off.

  2. cliffordthedawg

    Yeah, no kidding.

  3. All I can say is I agree totally. He is starting to lose his shine. Hopefully, the population will see the tarnish before November.

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