Cows in the Road

The picture on my blog (at least for now) is a picture of four cows in the middle of the road in Colombia, South America.  We were out minding our own business, driving down the road when we came upon the cows in the road.  Now I realize that at least one of those boogers has horns and you might call it a bull, but for the sake of discussion and my blog (it is MY blog), they’re cows. 

We didn’t set out hoping to find cows in the road.  We had a destination, we had plans, we didn’t plan to stop, we knew where we were going and it didn’t involve cows.   But, alas, the cows were there and we had to stop.  Well, I guess we didn’t have to stop but we would have risked serious damage had we not stopped.  We could’ve hit the cows and wrecked.  We could have tried to avoid them, crossing in the other lane and hit a car coming the other way head-on.  But we didn’t because the natural thing to do when cows are in the road is stop … or at least slow down.  And we did.

That’s how it is in life.  Sometimes we’re headed down the road going exactly where we planned, when we planned and how we planned, living our own dreams and acting on our own desires.  We don’t plan to stop, we don’t imagine anything will really get in our way.  But inevitably, we come across cows in the road.  Suddenly, we’re faced with a decision.  The natural thing to do would be to stop or at least slow down and proceed carefully. 

Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what to do when the moo-cows are in the road.  But in life, sometimes we make it harder than it should be.  Instead of slowing down or stopping, we barrel right on through, causing more damage or problems than were necessary.  We could have avoided heartache altogether.  Sometimes we don’t adequately assess the risk and think things through.  We don’t stop and we don’t even proceed carefully.  We just keep on going and if we hit the cows or hit someone else head-on, who cares.  And then we (or someone else) is left to clean up or deal with the whole mess.

Sometimes, there’s not any danger at all, but stopping or slowing down is still good for us.  It allows us to take a few moments and see what’s there.  Stopping lets us enjoy the sights, the smells.  Taking pause lets us see the horns but it also gives us a chance to appreciate the surroundings.  In the picture, there are more than cows.  It was a beautiful day.  You can tell the sun was shining because you can see the shadows thrown by the cows.  There are trees and who knows what else if we could really see everything.  It actually was a pretty sight to see in its own right. 

We stopped for the cows.  We enjoyed the moment.  We put the plans we had on hold just for a few minutes.  Nothing was lost.  Had we stayed longer, who knows what we would have seen.  Maybe some other animals?  Maybe a snake?  Maybe some birds?

So, next time you see cows in the road, the moo-cows or just the cows of life, stop for a moment.  Look at what’s going on around you.  Think about what’s going on, evaluate the risk but also enjoy the time and see what else you see.  You might be surprised at what you find.  Then proceed carefully.  And did I say, there were not four cows in the road but FIVE.


13 responses to “Cows in the Road

  1. ok. very insightful and awesome application from cows in the road! perfect read for me today. just perfect!

  2. Thanks Tam. I’m glad that was good for you. It’s good for me, I have to remind myself all the time about those kinds of things in life. I’m so quick to live out my own plans without stopping to smell the roses.

  3. Really cool you brought that point out with that picture so beautifully. We all need to be reminded of that every now that then. Thanks for the sharing your insight from that simple happening. :)

  4. Thanks Rachel. There’s a lot I need reminding. So much goes in one ear and out the other. Don’t ask my wife, she’ll probably agree.

  5. Cool! On vacation this past week, got to stop and take pictures of a black bear eating cherries from a wild cherry tree- and also several elk. Beautiful!

  6. Shacar, welcome back, thought you disappeared. Love to see some cherry eating black bears. Any pictures?

  7. I’ve been away for the past two weeks. There isn’t any way for me to post pics here, is there?

  8. I don’t know of any way to post pictures here. That would be a cool feature of if you could somehow import pictures in a widget or something. Maybe you can, I just don’t know how.

  9. Well, couldn’t Shachar send you an e-mail with an article and pics, then you could quote what he wrote and you upload the pics, adding your own commentary, if you want? Just a thought. You could also invite people to be guest writers on your blog. I know that’s possible because I was just reading about it. You do that through the Dashboard on your blog.

  10. Yeah, I didn’t think about that preacherpen. He could send and email and I guess I’d save the picture and upload it? Yeah I did hear about the guest writers – not too sure about doing that yet. I’m not sure if Shacar has a blog, I’ve never been able to link to it if he does. How about it Shacar, do you have a blog?

  11. If you want to see an example of how it works, then jog on over to Mark Bertrand’s excellent Bible Design and Binding Blog to see where he’s done just what I spoke of. You can find that blog on my blogroll if you like.

  12. Just checked it out. I haven’t gotten flickr yet. So were all those pictures from flickr?

  13. Flickr is a picture hosting site. I don’t have a digital camera, so the site won’t do much for me, yet. This is how I think it works: you upload to flickr, then use your blog to reference them. Again, I’m not familiar with all the workings, but believe that’s how it’s done.

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