Every Day is Christmas

Wow. What a beautiful day this morning in my little piece of the world. For the last week or so, it’s rained pretty much everyday as Tropical Storm Fay came in and out of our town. I haven’t seen the sun for a little while. That’s not necessarily a bad thing here in Mississippi where it can be downright miserable in August. We’ve had several days this month in the 70’s and 80’s which is almost like Christmas weather for us. But it has been pretty rainy and everyday has brought its clouds and rain and gloom.

This morning when I woke up, I could see the sun, for the first time in days, having broken through the darkness and beginning to rise over the horizon and the line of trees in our backyard. As I looked out the window, though the sun was visible, the fog clouded the trees and sort of blocked the sun and the sky. Even so, I knew it was going to be a pretty day as the sun was trying to burst through the fog and the misty hold it had on the day.

As I drove the kids to school this morning and the fog gave way, the sky began to become fully visible. And as it did, all I could see is blue sky. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky anywhere. Not the small little white streaky clouds, not the puffy kinds of clouds that float around, not even the little miniscule dots of fluff. Nothing but blue. Just to be sure, as I came up a hill coming to work, I looked out across the horizon in every direction and the sky was completely clear, completely blue. What a beautiful day in Mississippi.

I love Christmas. It is my favorite time of the year and my wife and kids know it. A few weeks ago we went to Nashville to see some friends and on the way back, we listened to Christmas music. Christmas in August – you gotta love it. A few days later, we had Christmas Eve snacks, a tradition we’ve carried over from my parents. Every Christmas Eve, we eat all kinds of little snacks, like hors d’oerves, cookies, you get the picture. This week on the way to school, we’ve been listening off and on to Michael W. Smith’s (my all-time favorite singer) Christmas album. I wish everyday was Christmas day.

2,000 years ago, hope dawned on humanity when a little baby was born in Bethlehem, bursting through the darkness. As the light of the world was born, hope and life began to shine down on the world. Just like this morning with the sun rising and the fog fading, Jesus came in to the world as a light for the nations. Of course, we recognize his birth on Christmas Day. Like the fog fading away and the sky becoming completely clear, Jesus, when born in our life, washes away the fog and gives us hope for everyday, for every moment, for all of our life.

So, for me, everyday is like Christmas as I’m constantly reminded of the birth of Christ in me. Today, Christ will be born in people’s hearts all over the world, just as He was born in Bethlehem, just as He was born in my life, bursting through the darkness. Today is Christmas. Tomorrow is Christmas. Everyday is Christmas.

In him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.   John 1:4-5

 Christmas Day – Michael W. Smith with Mandisa


5 responses to “Every Day is Christmas

  1. I think I rear-ended an ark on the way home Monday night. Fay was quite the rain-maker.

  2. I hear you. Last year it was like the Sahara here, this year it’s like a rain forest. Glad for the rain. Is it global warming or global cooling or all those cows in the road heating things up?

  3. I love your perspective on life. It’s so refreshing in a world where most seems to be of the “glass is half empty” mindset. Christians should be able to think in this way. Great post!

  4. Thanks Rachel, I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs – so applicable and real.

  5. Don’t know why this post got passed over by me, but I’m glad to read it. What a wonderful way to look at life.

    My little flock (congregation) has heard me say many times how we should celebrate the birth of Jesus all through the year, not just in December. What a great thought – Jesus was born to bring light into a dark world.

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