SEC Game Predictions – Week One

Ahh…  Football season has arrived.  I’ve survived the summer by watching Mississippi State Bulldog highlights here, here and here.  But now football season is upon us and the grills are getting fired up.  Cowbells are ringing, Rebels are drinking and pundits are talking.  Which means only one thing.  College football in the South.  The best kind of football, SEC football, starts this Thursday. 

Here are my picks for this week’s SEC games.  It should be a pretty easy week but there is a potential for upsets, including my own team, the MSU Bulldogs.  Let’s see how close I come.  How good are you?



Vanderbilt @ Miami (OH)

Vanderbilt has been lackluster and is always near the SEC cellar.  Don’t expect them to get much better this year.  They’ll be going on the road this first week but they’ll come back 1-0.  Commodores 28 – Miami (OH)13

NC State @ South Carolina 

NC State is predicted by many to finish last in its division.  South Carolina won’t do much better in its own division.  But look for Spurrier’s cocks to pull this one out.  South Carolina 24 NC State 17



Hawaii @ Florida

Hawaii’s been competitive for a while but they won’t be repeating their 12-1 season last year.  They’re coming into Florida which has a great team and a great Heisman quarterback.  This one won’t be close.  Gators 42  Hawaii 7

App St.  @ LSU

Appalachian State pulled off perhaps the biggest college football upset last year.  Will they repeat one this year against LSU?  No way.  Are you kidding?  LSU will show the Mountaineers from Boone, NC how they play football in the SEC.  LSU 49  APP ST 3

MSU @ LaTech

This is an intriguing out-of-conference game to start the season.  LaTech’s new QB is a guy who started 13 games last year at Georgia Tech.  Mississippi state goes on the road, a rarity in the SEC and will face a fired up Bulldog team from Ruston.  Never fear, Croom’s Dawgs will bite the pups from LaTech.  MSU 24 LaTech 13

Bama @ Clemson 

Bama’s got Nick Saban still but look for people to start complaining this year.  They won’t win the SEC and won’t be first in their division.  Clemson’s looking up this year and is opening at home.  Baby Bowden will watch his team wash the Tide.  Clemson 28  Alabama 17

Georgia So @ Georgia

Well here’s a cupcake for you.  Georgia opens with a featherweight at home.  Look for a blowout here and a statement from the Bulldogs of Georgia that they’re here to play and compete for the SEC East.  Georgia 42  Georgia Southern 7

W. ILL @ Arkansas

Arkansas may be picked last in the SEC West by some but will have no trouble with the boys from Western Illinois.  The Razorback’s new coach will be fired up and ready to play, at least his home opener, that is.  Hogs 38  Fighting Leathernecks 10

La Monroe @ Auburn

In a game that the Crimson Tide nuts will be pulling for an upset, you can count on Tubb’s not pulling a Tide classic and loosing to a powderpuff.  Auburn will not be much of a host as they rout Louisiana Monroe.  Auburn 45  ULM 0

Memphis @ Ole Miss

This is another intriguing out-of-conference matchup.  Memphis always plays the teams from Mississippi close but I think this will be an exception.  Ole Miss will probably have a packed house with its new coach Houston Nutt and Coach O’s players and they will all be going nuts.  Throw in their new #2 party school in the nation award and it won’t be super close this time.  Ole Miss 27  Memphis 14



Kentucky @ Louisville

Kentucky would love a blowout but going in to Louisville will be a challenge.  Add to that the fact that Kentucky sits near the bottom of its division and it makes it tougher.  Louisville, though, is coming off a bad year and has lots of issues.  This will be a tight game but the home crowd will walk away happy.  Louisville 21 – Kentucky 20

Tenn @ UCLA

Does Fulmer have the Volunteers pressing for a national championship this year?  Nah, too much competition in the SEC.  UCLA won’t be much competition though.  Tennessee will rock UCLA’s top and come home with a W.  Tennessee 31  UCLA 14


This Week’s Record (0-0)

Season Record (0-0)


15 responses to “SEC Game Predictions – Week One

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  2. huge college football fans here!

    we’re in oregon – we are Duck Fans…all. the. way!

    its been a long season w/out my football. i miss it!

  3. Yeah we played y’all a few years ago there and here. Y’all kind of spanked us. Ready for some footbal now though! Go State! I’ll pull for your Ducks for you – much rather see them over USC – sick and tired of USC all over the place.

  4. im with you on being over USC.

    go Ducks!

    go Bulldogs!

  5. I just can’t help it, this pastor is a Gator fan. Doc, you’re right about our QB; he’s quite a gifted athlete. Hopefully, we will do better this year than last. That was an embarrassing season.

    When we were pastors in GA, one of our members was the #1 GA Bulldogs fan. We made a deal that if the Dawgs won, I would have to wear a red cumberbund and black suit. Well, I never did have to wear that red contraption.

    After moving here over 5 years ago, we decided to keep the rivalry going. She would have to call me when UF won the game, and I would call her in the event GA accidentally won. Well, you know the sad story – I had to call her last year and say, “Go, Dawgs!” I did and it was quite painful.

    Would two cookies have helped?

  6. East is looking tough this year. Georgia ranked #1, Florida with Tebow, TN is always tough, ouch. We’ll see how you do. I think we just play TN, KY and SC. I do remember whooping Florida against Spurrier and Zook, and have to admit, I was loving it, of course! Got a take a bite outta that gator pride!.

  7. Tam, ouch, just saw where your QB is out. But your backup’s supposed to be pretty good. But as good as Joey Harrington …..

  8. who by the way is backing up rookie matt ryan in atlanta.

  9. Is that good to be the backup or bad because he’s backing up a rookie? He’s had a tough go of it in his pro career, that’s for sure.

  10. I know everyone is doubting maybe, and I could be completely wrong. However, I’ve got a good feeling about tomorrow. It sucks that I won’t be able to watch the game.

  11. I meant doubting Bama. Sorry.

  12. cliffordthedawg

    Bama beating Clemson would be a huge first game for them this year. We’ll see. Good luck, thanks for stopping by kenzie

  13. harrington was an awesome qb for us. but dixon was amazing too! he’s with pittsburgh now.

    roper had a concussion last night – but we still pulled it off with the other 2 back-ups. sheesh. they always keep me on the edge of my seat!

    this is gonna be a challenging year for us. but it’ll be good!

  14. Yeah y’all did good. My Dawgs really blew it. Don’t know what to say but I hate starting off a season like this. :(

  15. awww…poor dawgs! thats usually how we seem to end our seasons…not good. so maybe it’ll get better from here!

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