Mississippi Redneck Chili

After seeing some of the food recipes on other blogs, I thought I’d share my own recipe for a great chili common here in my part of backwoods Mississippi. I’m a little overwhelmed with the complexity of some of the recipes I’ve seen on the web but this recipe is downright easy for most folk.  Y’all ain’t gonna  need no high-fallutin’ education to follow this easy recipe.

1 Big Can of Hormel Chili (I prefer no beans version)
1/2 Bag of Frito’s Corn Chips
1/2 Block of Extra Sharp Cheese (May substitute MSU Edam cheese)
1 Large Onion chopped up (peel first and discard skins)

Heat chili in the microwave (don’t use a metal stove pot – been there done that – wife got to hollerin’) until hot, popping and splattering. Pour into a big pot with handle (make sure handle is not loose). Throw as many frito’s in there as you’d like. Grate a good portion of the cheese and put on top. Add chopped onions to taste. Mix it up. Get a tablespoon, sit in the recliner, kick back, turn the window unit on, adjust the rabbit ears and enjoy a college football game.

(Health and Legal Disclaimer: You may require one drop of bean-o periodically for two days afterward. No guarantees are made as to what health outcome you might experience. I cannot be held responsible for the consequences of eating like a Mississippian but this might give you an idea of what could happen.  Valid in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Guam.)


7 responses to “Mississippi Redneck Chili

  1. redneck and chilli is kind of redundant

  2. Redneck chili causes global warming.

  3. we’re on to something, cows, rednecks, we all cause global warming, right? Or is it an ice-age we’re fixin to enter?

  4. This is def. easy enough for me! And it sounds oh so yummy! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I may need to move down south…
    This may become a Sunday favorite for yours truly

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  7. I am a cona sewer of fine chili. they all sound good but not the wolf in the can mite as well eat a dog.

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