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This Week’s Hall of Shame Award Goes To:

Congress, the President, Wall Street and the American People

For the last two weeks and really several months, the economy has dominated the discussion in America and around the world.  Specifically, the last two weeks, all eyes have been on Washington, D.C. about the $700 billion proposed bailout which has lots of people screaming and casting blame.  Republicans are blaming Democrats and Democrats are blaming Republicans.  Everyone’s blaming Wall Street and some are blaming Main Street.

The more I think about it, I say all of us are to blame. 

Republicans and Democrats on the Hill are to blame.  Both have enacted partison legislation at different times that has enabled this mess and the opposing party did not  intervene to do what was right, morally, ethically or just plain common-sense-right. The President is to blame for not saying, warning or doing anything, much less not keeping his eye on the situation.  Wall Street is to blame for participating in and allowing corporate greed, all in the name of increased profits. 

All those people “buying” what they couldn’t afford should also know better, despite what a money grubbing bank might otherwise indicate.  And the rest of us who pay all their bills and don’t live beyond our means are to blame.  I’ve been saying for 10 years, “How in the world do people afford bigger homes, nicer clothes and designer clothes when I know they make half of what I do?”  Yet I, and I suspect the vast majority, did not do anything about, did not speak up, did not write our congressmen, did not vote out no-good politicians though we suspected something was up.

I’d say nearly all of us have been sucked in one way or the other.  Now I know that there are many people who live on practically nothing and they would hold the least amount of blame, though I’d question who they voted for.  But unless they’ve lived within their means, living by the “I deserve just a little bit more, a little bit better” attitude has been a big part of the problem.  Upsizing, supersizing, going bigger because those materialistic things continued to shine like fool’s gold has only made us poorer. 

So  I say, shame on all of us.  (For any of you who don’t fit any of the categories above and have done things right, I’ll hold you innocent.)  But, now let’s get together and do what American’s have always done well and tackle this problem and be better for it.


SEC Game Predictions – Week 5

The football season is moving right along.  I’ve done pretty well with the record so far with the two teams from Mississippi responsible for half of my losing picks.  The good teams are starting to separate themselves from the pack.  There haven’t been too many surprises.  If there were, maybe it would be Vanderbilt who is undefeated, dreaming of a bowl game and off to a great start.  Otherwise, everything is separating out pretty much as expected so far.  I may ruin my record this week but I think this may be the week that some “upsets” take place.


Alabama at Georgia – Both teams have played pretty well to start the season and both find themselves in the top 10.  Alabama is in the top 3 in both total offense and total defense in the SEC with Georgia right on its heels.  Alabam will being going to a tough Georgia crowd but I look for Saban to pull a little trickery and come out with a win.  Alabama 17 Georgia 14

Tennessee at Auburn – Upset number two.  Tennessee hasn’t quite gotten off to the way they’d like.  Auburn has done pretty well, only losing to a very good LSU team.  But they did look pretty suspect against a weak MSU team.  Tennessee will be on the road and playing at Auburn will be tough.  Somehow, though, I think Fulmer will have his boys ready and may finally pull off a good win.  Tennessee 24 Auburn 20

Ole Miss at Florida – No upset here.  Ole Miss has played pretty well having a new coach this year.  But Florida is Florida and Florida is very good.  Playing in gatorland won’t be an easy task.  With all of the world watching Oxford this week for the presidential debate, fans will be glad they weren’t at this game as Florida takes it to the Rebels.  Florida 27  Ole Miss 13

Mississippi State at LSU – No upset here either, though MSU fans would love to see one.  They’d actually be in a tie for first in the SEC West if they did.  But, enough dreaming.  It will be a night game in raucous Tiger Stadium and an undefeated team lies waiting in the darkness.  Oh, how I’d love to be wrong here but I have a feeling it will be a long night for the Dawgs as the Cats put a lickin on ’em.  LSU 42  MSU 3

UAB at South Carolina – Not exactly a breather here for Spurrier’s boys, but definitely lighter than the SEC.  That’s what the cocks need right now and they’re just good enough to have to not worry a whole lot about this one, especially being at home.  South Carolina 30 UAB 12

Western Kentucky at Kentucky – Well the Wildcats are far from great this year, though they are 3-0.  They shouldn’t have much difficulty here, paying Western Kentucky for a win.  This is probably going to be as exciting as watching John McCain speak, but a win is a win and Kentucky will take everyone they can get.  Going 4-0 will put them in good shape at getting a shot at a bowl game at the end of the year. Kentucky 35 Western Kentucky 17

Arkansas at Texas – This is the game they were supposed to play a few weeks ago but was postponed due to the hurricane.  Not much has changed in that period of time and I still don’t see Arkansas as having a shot at this one.  In intially picked Texas to win this a few weeks ago 45-10.  Well, like I said, not much as changed.  Texas 45 Arkansas 10

Last week  6-1

This year  29-7

2 Corinthians 5:16

So from now on we regard no one from a worldly point of view. Though we once regarded Christ in this way, we do so no longer. (2 Corinthians 5:16 NIV).

I don’t know about you, but I get in trouble when I’m looking at life and people from a worldly perspective.  I have a tendency to get caught up at looking at the worldly side of things and getting my eyes off the idea that we are spirtual beings.  I look at how much someone makes or what sized house someone owns or what one does for a living.  I look at all the big buildings and all the great manmade things and get enamored by the things, the material stuff, that so preoccupy our minds and life.  Sometimes, that leads to jealousy, to bitterness, to anger, to pride, to all kinds of feelings or emotions that aren’t healthy.  Sometimes, take this political election season as an example, I just get discouraged.

But what if I looked at life and people, not from a worldly perspective, but from a spiritual perspective?  I’ve tried it, actually, and it’s amazing the change I see.  Not in other people, but in me.  When I realize that all of these worldly things, be they money, fame or even sex, it will all pass away and what we will be left with is a spiritual being.    The resentment, the bitterness, the discouragement all fade away into a sense that something much bigger than my little worldly vision can see. 

Maybe Paul was on to something.

Is This the Best We Have?

Not many would argue that President of the United States isn’t, if not close to, the top job in the world, the so-called “Leader of the free world.”  Yet, I feel like I’m constantly scratching my head.  How have we gotten ourselves here?  This is arguably the most important job in the world, at least in the U.S.,  with so much to be gained or lost, and yet who’s running for the post?  They don’t look like the best, maybe just mediocre as far as the total picture, qualifications, age, etc.

On one hand, we have a relatively young charismatic community organizer turned Senator who’s very popular.  On the other hand, a stagnant older fellow who’s been a Senator for decades, albeit sort of a “maverick” kind of guy.  Whenever they speak, they pretty much speak in hyperbole and without much detail in how they’ll truly change the country and what’s best about them.  They really don’t have much to say, that is, aside from the “I’m better than him because I’m for change.”

In what seems to be the most important presidential election we’ve seen in decades, this is it.  We’re down to these two men, our knights in shining armor, ready to resuce America.  How in the world do we not have better candidates?  Are you telling me that out of 300 million-plus Americans, this is the best we have?  Maybe you know something I don’t – you probably do.  Maybe the candidates know something I don’t – hardpressed to agree with you there. (Just kidding, I know they have more working political/governing knowledge than me.) 

The point is, in a country that frequently sends men into outer space, who’s seen men walk on the moon, where computers and scientific discoveries and great achievments have occurred on a regular basis, we’re stuck with these two guys as America’s best hope for the next few years.  Really, the decisions they make may well have an effect not only on us in the few years to come, but possibly for decades and onward.  So I constantly find myself popping the tums, rubbing my belly and scratching my head wondering,  “Is this the best we have?”

Sarah Palin’s Response to Charlie Gibson

Sarah Palin’s recent interview with Charile Gibson on ABC has received a lot of press and comments.  Many people feel like Charlie gave her a little bit of a rough, prosecutorial-like ride whereas some wish he’d gone further.  Here’s a video of how I wish she would have responded.  It would’ve been great.