The Blog Police

Well, I’ve been blogging now for two months today and there’s something I’ve noticed. I guess it’s that there are blogger “personalities”. For me, it starts with the blog policeman. As I thought about it more, and as I read more blogs, I found other blogger personalities. Some of these I’ve experienced, others I have not.

Blog Police – These are the ones who come to your blog, your neighbor’s blog and anyone else’s blogs unexpectedly. They think their role is to correct everyone’s misstatements, misspellings and lack of journalistic accumen in a legalistic sort of way. They tell you all the things bloggers are supposed to do and all those things they are not supposed to do, where and what and why and how to post. They kind of threaten to throw you in blog prison if you don’t blog correctly. They are the Blog Police and they’re coming to your blog.

Blog Bullies – These are kind of like the Blog Police but there are some key differences. For one, they are more sinister and aren’t legalistic in their mindset. These are the ones who come to blogs in search of a fight. Then when they get to fighting, they type loud and argue, accuse and name-call. They like to take the fight to other blogs or sites and demean other bloggers. It really comes down to that fundamental characteristic of all bullies – they are generally already unloved and are crying for attention.

Blog Clowns – I love to be a clown in real life though I wouldn’t say I’m a blog clown. I’ve seen these clowns and you have too. There’s hardly anything serious that they say. They’re all fun, they’ve got funny blogs, funny sites, funny pictures. They live and blog to make the world funny and lighter and don’t seem to have a care in the world.

Blog Leeches – These seem to be fairly rare but I’ve seen them a time or two. These guys like to go to other sites, suck out what’s good and then take it back to their site for their own nourishing blog. You know what I mean. One site has something original and then the blog leech-copycat comes along and takes what gives one blog life and tries to live off of it on their own site.

Blog Reporters – These are those investigative type bloggers who take a story and they look into it. They investigate, they summarize and they report. Like all reporters, some are good and some are bad. Some are biased and some are balanced. Some are fair and some are unfair. I know you’ve seen them though, they love to report about anything.

Blog Preachers – Almost as common as reporters, there are blog preachers. They are not necessarily all the religious type that the name connotes, however. Certainly there are several religious Blog Preachers, and some great ones at that, but there are many other blog preachers that “preach” what they believe to be true. They are a little bit more and deeper than a reporter. They are more dogmatic in their blog as opposed to “just the facts.”

Blog Performers – You can’t miss the Blog Performers. They are the ones who exist to put on a show. They are very creative and can take their blogs to where no man (or woman) has ever been before. Some of them, of course, are rotten, but some are just really great and you find yourselves going back, pressing rewind, over and over and over again because their blog is such a great “performance.” Some are egotistical, some are prideful, some are humble, but they’re all Blog Performers.

I think that there are probably lots more blog personalities. I just may be at the tip of the iceberg. Just remember, the Blog Police are out there, look out.


7 responses to “The Blog Police

  1. Im trying to figure out which catagory I fall into.

  2. Do you have a blog, I’ll check it out and let you know.

  3. haha! My favorite was definitely your description of the blog police. So funny. Yet, so true. :0)

  4. I personally prefer the clowns, I feel like I’m a clown/reporter.

  5. That’s a very interesting take on personalities. Well done. Now, I’m a pastor, preacher, and teacher who happens to enjoy blogging. All of us probably fit into one or more of those categories.

  6. With a name like sportsbrotha, you have to be a clown, huh? I like clowns myself. I’ve wondered how you came up with your name sportsbrotha.

    Preacher pen, I think you’re right, just like any personality, we all have a little bit of some of them. I wouldn’t call you the blog police, the blog leech, the blog bully or the blog performer though.

  7. Love this post. So true.

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