SEC Game Predictions – Week Two

Week One in College Football is in the record books. It wasn’t that great of a week for me as I came out on the short end on a couple of key games, Alabama/Clemson and Tennesee/UCLA. Add to that the loss of my MSU Bulldogs and it was a mediocre start to the football season. Overall, I was 8-4 in SEC games last week. For the next few months, it’s still college football, and come rain or high water, it’s king in the South. This week’s games:


South Carolina at Vanderbilt – South Carolina is coming off a nice win last week at NC State and Vanderbilt went in to Miami (Ohio) and came back with the win. This week, only one team can win. Look for South Carolina to take it to Vandy. 
South Carolina 27 – Vanderbilt 13


Southern Miss at Auburn – Auburn didn’t have much trouble last week against Louisiana Monroe and Southern Miss faired well with its own cupcake Louisiana Lafayette.  Southern Miss loves to play SEC teams and has pulled off a few upsets.  They won’t this week, but they’ll give Auburn all they want. 
Auburn 31  Southern Miss 24

Central Michigan at Georgia – Georgia is looking like a championship caliber team this year.  They had no problem last week against Georgia Southern and this week will be another pushover, surely paid to get a big spanking. 
Georgia 42 Central Michigan 7

Ole Miss at Wake Forest – The Rebels started out strong beating a usually tough Memphis Tiger team.  The Demon Deacons had a comfortable win over a Big 12 team in Baylor.  The Deacons play host to the Rebels and both will be facing better teams.  Nutt’s Rebs will go home bedeviled. 
Wake Forest 28 Ole Miss 24

Miami at Florida – Miami is not who they used to be and Florida is who we think they are.  Miami won’t be much competition for Tebow’s Gators.  Look for the Gators to take another bite out of an inferior team. 
Florida 32 Miami 14 

LA Monroe at Arkansas – The Hogs survived week one against the Leathernecks.  This week, the Hogs get a little breather and pay another opponent for a win.  There won’t be much of a game here as the Razorbacks take care of business. 
Arkansas 42 ULM 10

SE LA at Miss. State – My Bulldogs only fired on about 4 of 8 cylinders and got beat by a team they had no business losing to.  This week, it should be an even weaker team and the Dawgs should come out growling mad. 
Miss. State 38 SELA 10

Norfolk State at Kentucky – Coming off a nice victory over a team that over the last several years has been pretty good, Kentucky gets an easy opponent at home.  The trend continues as another SEC team has no problem with a powderpuff team. 
Kentucky 42 Norfolk State 3

Tulane at Alabama – Tulane has no business going up against most SEC teams.  They can hold their own with some of the perennial cellar dwellars but the Tide isn’t often in the basement.  Alabama will have no problem improving to 2-0. 
Alabama 38  Tulane 10

Troy at LSU – Though this week Hurricane Gustav roared through Louisiana, the Tigers from Baton Rouge will be ready to play, despite the distractions posed by Gustav.  Troy?  They’re in Alabama.  All you need to know, though, is that LSU will clobber them. 
LSU 49  Troy 0


6 responses to “SEC Game Predictions – Week Two

  1. Your record really isn’t that bad, Doc. The SEC is an incredibly tough conference, and any team can come out on top each week. There certainly were plenty of cupcakes to go around and we’ll see some more this weekend. Great feature you’ve got going, and I look forward to seeing the results.

  2. I was about to comment on your Palin post, but then saw your SEC post and threw my computer. haha. Miami did well tonight. 2 mistakes by freshman out of the way and we would have stole that game. Watch out for the U in the coming years. However, if FL can run the SEC, or end with 1 loss, they will be champs.

    Palin has created a race. She has the charisma and charm to compete with Obama and brings excitement to a very boring ticket and party.

    Nice blog…

  3. Preacher pen, congrats. My bulldawgs won too, which was nice.

    Brewster, thanks for stopping by. I hate losing, but at least Miami lost to a good team. Last week my Dawgs lost to La Tech which just gave me a lot of heartburn and gas.

  4. Doc, I should have been more clear in my comment (it was early and I was getting ready for a busy day). When I said “We won”, I meant your team, too. Congratulations! My Gators have a tough game next week, but should play well in a very hostile environment.

  5. I knew you’d pull for my Dawgs! We have Auburn this week which doesn’t bode well. But there will be some excited fans hoping to deflate the Tigers.

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