This Weeks Shame Award Goes To:

Larry Farina and His Pac-10 Officiating Crew

This weekend, a great college football game was played betwen the University of Washington and BYU. It was a tight, well contested game that saw Washington score with just seconds left on the clock to pull within one and make the score 28-27. As soon as UW’s QB Jake Locker scored with 2 seconds left in the game, he tossed the ball in the air and the officials tossed their flags. And everyone else tossed their cookies, cokes, booze and whatever else they could.

What a shame that the officials should decide the game. I know there’s a rule about excessive celebrating, but come on, Jake Locker wasn’t gloating, wasn’t near excessive and wasn’t embarassing anyone. He scored in a close game when a lot of adrenalin is pumping and crowds are cheering. I know that UW still had a chance to make a long extra point and didn’t. I know that BYU played well and also deserved to win. But which of the two teams deserves this? Which team deserves to have their great game decided or at least severely affected by an official on a ridiculous celebration penalty. My goodness, let the kids play, let them be reasonable when something good happens. Who is protecting who?

Can we dispense already with it and let the kids play and enjoy the game, while still protecting the integrity of the game? I say shame on the officials in this game and for the ultra-strict interpretation of a rule gone wrong


5 responses to “This Weeks Shame Award Goes To:

  1. Everyone is so overly concerned with image that situations like this happen. Another harmless celebration was T.O.’s Usain Bolt impression which lead to a 15 year penalty. I mean, really, is it justified for a small celebration like that?

    It really takes out the joy when you see guys who are trying to have fun being shut down by the powers that be

  2. Yeah, let the kids have fun.

  3. Keep that crew away from the SEC; we don’t need them.

    Speaking of celebrations, I am probably the odd man out. After making a good play, just walk back to the huddle and make another one. I don’t want to see all that dancing around and acting like they’ve just saved the world. Maybe I’m just too old, but all that extra stuff just isn’t necessary.

    I watched an ESPN special several years ago regarding some of the old greats of professional football. Those guys think like me: no reason to celebrate when they were just doing their jobs. Play football, and forget about making a show. Some of those guys would make a bone-breaking tackle, then calmly go back to the huddle, drawing no attention to themselves, just playing the game. Wow! I miss that.

  4. There’s nothing like the old guys. I really used to love pro baseball and football and watched them regularly. I loved watching those guys play and it was just a different attitude. I can’t really watch it as much and enjoy it like I did precisely because of the celebration, cockiness, etc. For the college kids, if they’re be reasonable and not taunting, sure let them celebrate a little, though there is something to be said for just strapping it on and going to the next play.

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