SEC Game Predictions – Week 3

I had a pretty good week last week, going 8-1, though most of those games were pretty easy to call. This week should be more of the same as the big SEC teams again pay cupcakes to come in and take a beating.  There are only two conference games this week which, on paper, don’t appear to be close games.  But how do you pick the scores in what look to be blowout games for the most part?


Western Kentucky at Alabama – Alabama will go to 3-0 this weekend against W. Kentucky at home.  While Alabama isn’t blowing it out on offense (9th in the league in scoring) their defense has been stingy only giving up an average 8 points again.  And that includes playing Clemson.  Alabama 38 – W. Kentucky 3

Arkansas at Texas – I’m sure ABC was expecting Arkansas to be a better team this year and hoping they’d show strong up strong against Texas.  They won’t.  They gave up 27 points last week to LA-Monroe and just squeaked out a win at home.  Going to Texas?  It’s going to be bad.  Texas 45 – Arkansas 10

Auburn at Mississippi State – This game last year at Auburn was a huge win for Croom and his Bulldogs.  But this year, Auburn looks a bit better and will come in ranked in the top 10 in about every poll.  MSU lost it’s first and can’t hang on to the ball having turned the ball over 7 times in its first two games.  It looks easy but still, I can’t go against my Dawgs here and hope they’re ready for a big early upset.  MSU 24 Auburn 20

Georgia at South Carolina – I don’t know what to think about South Carolina this year.  They whipped NC State then lost to division rival Vanderbilt.  I do know what to think about Georgia and I do believe Spurrier will be having a little hearburn on the home turf as Georgia comes in and spanks the Gamecocks.  Georgia 38 –  S. Carolina 10

Middle Tennessee at Kentucky – Kentucky won’t have any problem extending their record to 3-0 this year.  That doesn’t make them a powerhouse as they haven’t played anyone good yet.  But still, a win is a win and this will add to their two.  Kentucky 31 – Middle Tennessee 17

North Texas at LSU – LSU’s game last week was cancelled due to the effects of Hurricane Gustav.  This week, North Texas comes to Baton Rouge and again there will be destruction in Bayou land.  Only this time, it will be North Texas that will be swamped by a far superior team.  LSU 45 – North Texas 0

Samford at Ole Miss – Houston Nutt has his Rebels playing well so far.  They went to a good, ranked Wake Forest team last week and played to the final horn, losing by a last second field goal by one.  This week, it won’t be close as Samford takes the check and their pride and heads back home beat up.  Ole Miss 42 Samford 3

UAB at Tennessee – The Volunteers are 0-1 this year having lost a heartbreaker to UCLA in its opener then off last week.  This week they’ll come home to Rocky Top and thousands of crazy fans and will rock UAB without any difficulty.  Tennessee 38 – UAB 7

Rice at Vanderbilt – Vanderbilt’s celebrating a 2-0 start this year and looks to get halfway to bowl eligibility this weekend after only its third game.  WOW!.  They’ll stumble when they get into the SEC but this weekend the Commodores will be at home after beating South Carolina last week.  Vanderbilt 37 Rice 10

And there you have it.  Those are my picks this weekend for SEC football.  You gotta love fall weekends in the South.  Here’s to another weekend of college football.

Last Week – 8-1
This Year – 16-5


6 responses to “SEC Game Predictions – Week 3

  1. I hope you’re right about your guys beating Auburn. Is there no room for an upset at South Carolina this weekend? If that happens, I won’t be sad.

  2. I think it’d be awesome to see S.Carolina upset Georgia. I don’t think they will though but I’m sure the stadium will be packed and if SC gets any MO going, they might have a shot. SC just hasn’t shown much, IMO, so far this season. I’d love to be wrong though and see Georgia go down in flames.

  3. Two important things I must say. First, your Dawgs played very well against what many consider to be a better team. I was rooting for you, though. Secondly, South Carolina won the game, but the score just doesn’t reflect that minor detail. GA was simply outplayed and should have probably dropped lower than today’s polls indicate.

  4. I was at the game and doggone it (no pun intended), if we could’ve just got a field goal. Oh well, maybe we’ll beat TN, that’ll help your gators. GA got LUCKY!!!!!!

  5. Doc, I’ve just put up a couple of polls on my site. Please drop by and look. These are my first polls, so we’ll see how it goes.

    Where’s this coming week’s predictions and your running totals?

  6. Just posted it. Where’s your poll though? I didn’t find it.

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