Uh-Oh McCain Can’t Send an Email

What to do…. McCain can’t send an email.  I guess I’ll have to vote for Obama now.  But, I guess McCain can better answer that 3 a .m. phone call on the red line.  Oops, better vote McCain.  No wait, his V.P.’s only foreign policy experience is that she lives in the state that borders Alaska and Canada – better vote Obama.  But isn’t Obama more interested in fixing America – better pull the handle for Obama.  Hold on, wait a minute – now McCain’s for change, too – I’d better think this one over, okay McCain.  Nope, Obama because he’s gonna cut my taxes.  Nah, a Democrat lower taxes?  Well, then McCain’s got my vote.  But then doesn’t someone in Palin’s church speak in tongues, surely I can’t vote for that.  Oh, yeah, but didn’t Obama go to the church with the Jeremiah Bullfrog guy?  Definitely can’t vote for Obama, then, or can I?

Uggh.  Maybe I ought to just focus on the issues.  In that case, I’ll look at www.glassbooth.org, maybe they can help.


3 responses to “Uh-Oh McCain Can’t Send an Email

  1. amen! the issues? havent been hearing much on those. thanks for the link!!!

  2. lol….thanks for the huge smile today. After the past two, I needed that. :)

  3. Come on, Doc! You’ve got to make up your mind about something. Please get straightened out before you have to see patients again. Take two doses of issues and call yourself in the morning!

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