So I’m Right Again – Don’t Eat Your Veggies!

I’ve been saying it for years now.  I don’t like vegetables.  Well, I’ll eat fried okra, green beans, corn, salad or onions – that’s pretty much it.  But all those cruciferous vegetables and squash and butter beans and spinach?  And turnip greens?   Yuck!  I’ve been married 18 years now and my wife still can’t choke that stuff down for me.  My routine answer is, “That (fill in vegetable) is bad for you.  Haven’t you heard it causes (fill in a disease).”  Otherwise, the closest I come to vegetables is super supreme pizza – after years, I’ve finally convinced myself that is okay to eat.

Well, science has finally proven me right.  This article here, says that eating veggies shrinks your brain.  Well, that’s just added ammunition for me.  I need all the brainpower I can get.  It’s a complex world we live in and I can’t really afford for somebody to be swiping my neurons.  All those connections are important and though those connections would theoretically be closer in a shrunken brain state, surely they can’t fire off as well.

So, I stand firm.  Don’t eat your veggies.  Who knows what else they’ll find that they do to you.  My only question is, I wonder if eating that super supreme pizza shrinks my brain?


3 responses to “So I’m Right Again – Don’t Eat Your Veggies!

  1. Hey,

    Just wanted to say I enjoyed reading over your blog. I feel we share a common approach to health and I would love to swap links.

    Feel free to check out and contact me for more info.


  2. What you said, and even more. Now, I do love sweet corn-on-the-cob, greens, carrots and some others, but to go without meat is not my top priority. Now, what were we talking about? Oh, shrinking brain cells.

    Doc, I just have one important question to ask. Why do you keep those hideous things called scales in your office? I know there’s one lurking around in your office somewhere. Did I ask you this before?

  3. Scales, what are those? Those are banned from my office. I can pretty much look at someone and tell if they’re fat or not. :)

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