SEC Game Predictions – Week Four

This week brings week four to college football.  There haven’t been many great upsets yet but surely they’re coming.  Last week I’d be  8-0 in the SEC if I hadn’t pick my Dawgs from MSU who lost a defensive struggle, 3-2.  Did I say 3-2?  Ugh.  It was ugly and I was 7-1, with Arkansas having their game postponed.  This week, there are some interesting matchups as the SEC starts to beat up on each other and start separating themselves from each other.


Alabama at Arkansas – Arkansas has not been impressive yet this year.  Alabama, on the other hand has done well so far.  I think that trend will continue as the Tide rolls into Arkansas and will wipe them clean.  Alabama 27 Arkansas 10

LSU at Auburn – WOW!  This should be a good game.  Auburn has a stingy defense though it’s offense seems somewhat lacking.  LSU has done okay against high school caliber teams.  I think LSU will come into Auburn though and walk away the winner.  LSU 20 Auburn 13

Florida at Tennessee – Another great game in the SEC.  Florida has a chance to run the SEC though it will be a difficult task.  Going into a packed house at Tennessee, though, is never easy.  Look for the Gators to top the Vols.  Florida 24  Tennessee 20

Georgia at Arizona State – Georgia’s ranked high though they got lucky against South Carolina.  Arizona State’s a better team than the Gamecocks so Georgia better play better if they want to win.  Still I think they will and they’ll show up against the Sun Devils.  Georgia 28 Arizona State 24

Vanderbilt at Ole Miss – This used to be a meaningless game but both teams are off to a great start and at the end of this season, one will be looking back at this game as messing up their bowl shot.  I hate to say it but look for a happy crowd in Oxford.  Ole Miss 24 Vanderbilt 14

Mississippi State at Georgia Tech – My Dawgs lost a 3-2 nailbiter.  No, that’s not a baseball score.  I hate to do it, but Georgia Tech’s looking better this year and my team hasn’t shown me much, except a great defense.  I’m pulling for you but I have to go with Georgia Tech.  Georgia Tech 24  MSU 13

Wofford at South Carolina – South Carolina will love to have this game after losing to Georgia.  This shouldn’t be close.  If it is, look for people to start complaining about Spurrier.  South Carolina 38  Wofford 7

Last week 7-1

This year 23-6


6 responses to “SEC Game Predictions – Week Four

  1. Interesting games, indeed. I won’t get to enjoy much football this weekend, though, as we’re doing some birthday celebrating. Hmmmm! Maybe there will be a TV in the restaurant. Go, Gators! You never know from one week to the other about these games. Your team might just win.

  2. Did you happen to see the WV and Colorado game last night? It was pretty good. The commentators were talking about the strengths of the SEC this year, and were quite impressed. BTW, have you taken the polls I’ve got posted?

  3. Yeah, I finally saw the polls, I didn’t see them on the other layout. How do you do the polls?

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  5. You did pretty well with your predictions this week. I was sure hoping GA would get their hats handed to them, but they escaped with a win. Vanderbilt is looking pretty good.

  6. Yeah, Florida’s looking cream of the crop to me in SEC, or LSU. Vanderbilt may just give TN a run for their money though I think Florida/Georgia will be 1-2.

    My Bulldogs stunk it up again and head to LSU where they’ll probably get it handed to them again. We haven’t beat them in Baton Rouge in almost 20 years. Add to that a night game and an “excited” crowd and it spells disaster.

    Oh well, still love watching college football.

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