Is This the Best We Have?

Not many would argue that President of the United States isn’t, if not close to, the top job in the world, the so-called “Leader of the free world.”  Yet, I feel like I’m constantly scratching my head.  How have we gotten ourselves here?  This is arguably the most important job in the world, at least in the U.S.,  with so much to be gained or lost, and yet who’s running for the post?  They don’t look like the best, maybe just mediocre as far as the total picture, qualifications, age, etc.

On one hand, we have a relatively young charismatic community organizer turned Senator who’s very popular.  On the other hand, a stagnant older fellow who’s been a Senator for decades, albeit sort of a “maverick” kind of guy.  Whenever they speak, they pretty much speak in hyperbole and without much detail in how they’ll truly change the country and what’s best about them.  They really don’t have much to say, that is, aside from the “I’m better than him because I’m for change.”

In what seems to be the most important presidential election we’ve seen in decades, this is it.  We’re down to these two men, our knights in shining armor, ready to resuce America.  How in the world do we not have better candidates?  Are you telling me that out of 300 million-plus Americans, this is the best we have?  Maybe you know something I don’t – you probably do.  Maybe the candidates know something I don’t – hardpressed to agree with you there. (Just kidding, I know they have more working political/governing knowledge than me.) 

The point is, in a country that frequently sends men into outer space, who’s seen men walk on the moon, where computers and scientific discoveries and great achievments have occurred on a regular basis, we’re stuck with these two guys as America’s best hope for the next few years.  Really, the decisions they make may well have an effect not only on us in the few years to come, but possibly for decades and onward.  So I constantly find myself popping the tums, rubbing my belly and scratching my head wondering,  “Is this the best we have?”


2 responses to “Is This the Best We Have?

  1. ugggh! to be honest, I’ll be glad when this whole presidential election is past. I’m SO tied of hearing about it. The truth is, no person is capable of “fixing” the real root of America’s problems. That’s just my opinion of the whole thing. So, I guess it has come to us having to choose the lesser of two evils. And that is sad. But it’s the truth. And, as the end draws near, why are we even expecting that things will get better? Doesn’t Revelation tells us it won’t happen?

  2. My wife and I have talked about this subject many times and have both lamented how sad the choices are. Now, admittedly, when Governor Palin came on the scene to make up the McCain/Palin ticket, things certainly got spiced up. Before senators McCain and Obama were selected to represent each party, we asked the question “out of the multiplied millions of people in the US, is this the best we have?”

    America’s answer is in Christ Jesus. We need to repent and ask God to guide us in these troublesome times.

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