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America at a Crossroads

On Tuesday, November 4, 2008, we’ll go to the polls here in the great USA.  Perhaps more than anyime in the last 50 years, America is smack dab in the middle of an intersection.  Will we turn to the right or turn to the left?  I think America is at a crossroads and the outcome of this election will set the stage for life in America for possibly the next 20 years or more.  Not only do we face to stark constrasts for President, the stage is set for a possible Democratic super majority.

The Republicans have had an opportunity and wasted it.  They’ve wasted their opportunity, not to advance Republican ideals, but to make a real and lasting positive difference in America and the world.  Now, the Democrats are giddy about controlling all of the government.  Without taking political sides, what we face is the prospect of one ideological party effectively making the decisions for life in America for years to come.  The issues that the new Congress and President will govern include taxes, immigration, abortion, gay rights, international relations, terrorism, not to mention the probable Presidential appointment of at least one Judge to the Supreme Court.  These are big issues.

Is life about to change in America?  One way or another, it has to, for the good of our country and for the good of the world.  For too long we’ve basked in the sunlight of our riches, which has only been an illusion based on credit and debt.  We have to stop bowing to what’s within us that demands more, bigger and better.  We’ve selfishly taken advantage of the blessings of wealth, however contrived they’ve been.  We’ve taken advantage of our world and have been poor stewards of the world in general, whether it be our international relations or the abundant but strikingly decreasing natural resources. 

Somewhere down the line, we’ve seemed to piece-by-piece, throw out the window that which made us the greatest country in the world.  We are becoming mediocre in many ways.  We are not first in many things.  We are not first in the world in education, in safety, in financial stability and, in the world’s largest and possibly most advanced health care system, we are not first in the health of our citizens.

America, though, in my opinion, is still the greatest country in the world when all of its parts are added.  The sum of our parts is great.  But America has to be a respected leader again.  I think the world is looking to America as a leader and I hope that each of us has the intestinal fortitude and the wisdom to actually use our noggins, think hard, analyze the possibilities and pray diligently.  America is at a crossroads and her future depends as much on each of us as it does on whoever will lead us for the next few years to come.


SEC Game Predictions – Week Ten

Well, about now, every week is a tough week to pick games in the SEC.  But I’m starting to get sad that the season is getting toward the end.  Still, Basketball’s right around the corner and that should be another exciting season of SEC sports.


Arkansas State at Alabama – Alabama’s on a roll, no pun intended.  Undefeated, #2 in the nation and AR State coming to town?  If I were Arkansas State, I’d go ahead and take the check, not show up and save the players from injury and embarrasment.  Alabama 45 Arkansas State 0

Tulsa at Arkansas – This is an interesting game.  Tulsa is in the top 20 and Arkansas owns the cellar in the SEC West.  On paper, Tulsa should win.  But, I just have this feeling the Hogs will pull this one out.  Arkansas 27 Tulsa 24

Auburn at Ole Miss – Tuberville coming to Nutt’s house is another interesting game.  Auburn is tanking in a bad way and Ole Miss not only hates Tuberville but they’re looking at that rare bowl possibility this year.  I wonder if the Tigers haven’t already thrown in the towel.  The grove will be fired up this week (not from smoking).  Ole Miss 24 Auburn 14

Florida vs. Georgia (Jacksonville) – You just have to love weeks like this where good solid teams play some college football.  This one’s a toss up.  Tebow’s playing well and Moreno is also playing pretty well.  I’m not sure who really to pick in this one.  I guess I’ll give the edge to Florida on behalf of my friend preacherpen.  Florida 34 Georgia 31

Kentucky at Mississippi State – This game will be decided by which team the respective University decides to bring.  I keep waiting for Mississippi State to step it up a notch and I’m hoping this will be the beginning.  Kentucky’s no slouch and is playing for a bowl game.  MSU 21 Kentucky 14

Tulane at LSU – I can’t believe anyone at Tulane thinks they have a shot at this one.  Root for the underdog but expect LSU to wear ’em out.  LSU 52 Tulane 3

Tennessee at South Carolina – What can I say?  Tennessee all but stinks this year (though they did end up blowing my Dawgs out).  The Gamecocks are playing decent, better than TN, anyway.  SC will be at home for this one and I think the Vols are looking ahead to a new coach.  South Carolina 27 Tennessee 21

Last week 5-2

This year 47-18

SEC Game Predictions – Week Nine

For the second week in a row, I didn’t come out too well on my predictions.  For a while, it looked like I had a good shot at the LSU game and an outside shot at the MSU game.  But by the time those games were in the record book, I was 2-3 and an upset MSU fan.  All wasn’t lost as I found myself spending the weekend at the Sheraton right next to the SEC office in Birmingham.  Throw in the shopping with the missus, eating out and going to the Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman concert (mine and my wife’s respective favorite singers) and I had a great weekend.  This week, it’s back to normal life for me.


Auburn at West Virginia – Auburn is dropping like a brick and desperately needs to start winning to have a shot at even a bowl game.  After this game they still have a difficult schedule, with only one gimme game left.  At 4-3, that makes this a much win against a 4-2 but undefeated-in-conference West Virginia who will be at home on my brother’s birthday.  WVU just may play their best game of the year.  West Virginia 24  Auburn 17


Alabama at Tennessee – Fat Phil’s hourglass is about empty as the Volunteer fans are getting anxious.  Sure they beat a mediocre Mississippi State team last week by a lopsided score.  But that game really wasn’t decided until early 4th quarter when UT put up two quick TD’s on pick-6’s.  Alabama will be a much tougher foe, coming in undefeated and #2 in the nation.  Saban 27 Fulmer 13

Ole Miss at Arkansas – This is an interesting game.  The Rebels have won a couple of good games and lost a couple of tight ones.  Arkansas has been slapped around but has also done a little slapping itself.  Houston Nutt comes to his former digs after being unrespected for what he brought Arkansas.  Look for Nutt to go all out to beat the Razorbacks.  Ole Miss 31 Arkansas 21

Georgia at LSU – I’m not sure if LSU is getting better during this season.  They got a close one last week at South Carolina but did come out with the win.  Georgia will be coming to LSU where they stand to face a tougher team than what showed up in South Carolina.  This one may just decide the SEC Championship fate of one of these two teams.  LSU 24  Georgia 20

Middle Tennessee at Mississippi State – My Bulldogs could use 12 of these games a season.  That seems to be the level of competition that they’ve been putting out, if you judge them by the numbers.  But MSU is better than what they’ve played and will be coming home to the friendly confines at Scott Field for a homecoming night game.  MSU 31  Middle Tennessee 13

Duke at Vanderbilt – Both of these teams have been somewhat surprising this year, especially Vandy.  After a couple of tough losses, Vandy would really like to get that 6th win and be bowl eligible for the first time this century.  Good thing they’ll be at home, otherwise, I don’t know.  Vandy 34 Duke 17

Kentucky at Florida – Well, Kentucky started off good but after hitting the meat of the SEC, they’ve begun to work themselves down the conference leaderboard.  Now they have to go into the Swamp against a superior Florida team.  I don’t give KY a shot as I’m sure 99.9% of the sporting world.  Florida 34 Kentucky 10

Last Week 2-3

This Year 42-16

The Fat Lady is Singing

She’s on the stage and she’s on the last chorus.  The fat lady is singing and we’re heading down the Obama crevasse.  I admit I’m voting for McCain though I’m not real fond of him.  But if he could just halfway be charismatic and put a few sentences together without mumbling or stumbling so much, he’d have a great shot at winning this election.  If he were Ronald Reagan, this election would be over.  Shoot, I think Ross Perot, Mitt Romney or even Mike Huckabee could have torn Obama apart.  But McCain?  He’s pushing the fat lady out on stage, giving her a mike and turning up the volume.  Here’s five areas of discussion that McCain could have targeted this summer and hammered away at for the last two months, showing point by point how he’s different and how he would change thing.  The result?  Well, I’m sure his poll numbers would be better for one.  He is losing by at least five percentage points and as high as fifteen in nearly every poll.  The electoral college is painted blue and it’s looking like it’s all over except the victory speech.  Those five areas?  Here they are:

1.  Socialist tendencies

2.  Governmental control and programs

3.  Increased taxes on businesses

4.  Lack of respect for the unborn

5.  Potential abandonment of Israel

And one to grow on … his link and support of specific Democrats who are co-guilty with Republicans in the whole economic crisis we’re experiencing.

SEC Game Predictions – Week Eight

Whoa, Nellie!  This season is going by too fast.  What a surprising weekend.  Florida slapped LSU around like they were a junior college team.  Arkansas handed it to Tubs – now Auburn is fighting just to get bowl eligible – that may be a tough order.  And to put the cherry on top, my MSU Bulldogs beat Vandy.  There was a time when that wouldn’t mean much but since Vandy was #1 in the East, unbeaten and ranked 13, it was a satisfying victory.  Like lots of SEC weekends, this weekend won’t be an easy one to pick.  Last week I was a bad 2-3 missing South Carolina, Florida and Arkansas victories.


Ole Miss at Alabama – Alabama’s #2 in the nation.  Ole Miss has played mediocre against mediocre teams, being beat by a couple of them while beating highly ranked Florida in the Swamp.  Which team will show up in Tuscaloosa?  The mediocre team.  Alabama 27 Ole Miss 13

Arkansas at Kentucky – Arkansas had a nice win against Auburn and had a great running attack.  Though they’re on the road against a good Kentucky team, maybe the Hogs are starting to turn the corner with their new coach.  I think Arkansas only gets better the rest of the season.  Arkansas 24 Kentucky 14

Vanderbilt at Georgia – This is an intriguing game at the top of the SEC East.  Vanderbilt is an impressive 5-1 but their record doesn’t match up too well with their stats – so far, they’ve had luck on their side as much as skill.  I look for Georgia to show up strong at home.  Georgia 28 Vanderbilt 12

LSU at South Carolina – The ‘Ol ball coach has got his team playing decent.  LSU’s coming off a beating at the hands of Florida.  They’ll be going into a hostile Gamecock crowd that’s hungry for a big win.  I think Spurrier may just have something up his sleeve and looking for an upset.  South Carolina 24 LSU 21

Mississippi State at Tennessee – Tennessee has always had MSU’s number for the most part.  But this year, UT has struggled as fans beg for their coach to get the ax.  His seat is pretty hot.  MSU is starting to pull things together and are looking a bit more consistent, having played well at LSU and beating Vanderbilt this year.  Add to that the fact that just about every year, one head coach out of the SEC gets Croomed and fired, things don’t look so good for the Vols.  MSU 24 Tennessee 21

Last Week  2-3

This Year 40-13