SEC Game Predictions – Week Six

This past week was a little tougher picking the games.  I just knew it was upset weekend.  I called the Alabama upset and nearly got a second if Tennessee could have just made a handoff.  But the real shocker was Ole Miss beating Florida at Florida.  I think Ole Miss is the only one that even thought about that happening and they probably even thought they’d lose.  But congrats to the Rebels.  My Dawgs did pretty decent at LSU and things may have been closer had Ducre not dropped a pass late in the game.  Oh well, that’s college football.  This weekend, I don’t see any surprises.


Kentucky at Alabama – Alabama just pounded Georgia at Georgia and you think Kentucky’s going to come in and beat the tide at home, ranked #2?  No way.  Tide fans will be going crazy and Kentucky’s in for a long afternoon.  Alabama 37 Kentucky 10

Florida at Arkansas – Florida’s mad having lost at home to lesser competition in Ole Miss.  Arkansas has been pretty much no competition to any decent team they’ve played.  I’m afraid it’s another long afternoon for an SEC team.  Florida 42 Arkansas 7

Auburn at Vanderbilt – This is an intriguing game and if there were an upset, this would be a possibility.  Vanderbilt looks like they have a great chance at a bowl game this year and Auburn has been less than stellar.  My brain says go with Auburn here but my heart says Vandy.  Vanderbilt 20 Auburn 17

South Carolina at Ole Miss – Ole Miss is hotty toddy off a big win over Florida and will now come home to a raucous crowd, excited about the possibility of postseason play.  Spurrier’s team hasn’t shown a whole lot this year.  Still, the Gamecocks will give it a shot and make it close.  Ole Miss 31 South Carolina 21

Northern Illinois at Tennessee – Tennessee’s writing a check for this one.  Out of conference is nice this time of year and UT will be glad to play a pushover.  No competition here.  Tennessee 41  Northern Illiniois 10

Last week 5-2

This year 34-9


10 responses to “SEC Game Predictions – Week Six

  1. Doc, I’ve got confidence Florida will be able to win at Arkansas; that’s my hope anyway. I’ve not seen Vandy play this year so I’m unsure about that game, too. Good picks.

  2. Florida, Alabama and South Carolina have already won today, but we just don’t know about the other games. The SEC sure is a tough conference.

  3. Another great weekend for college football. Vandy had a nice win. Ole Miss and State continue to ruin my record. Between them, they are responsible for 5 of my 10 missed picks.

  4. Do you think we could just fire them? Ole Miss messed my team up, and now we’re going to have to scrap harder than ever is we’re going to come out on top in both the SEC and national title hunt. ‘Bama just barely squeaked by, and some of the top teams didn’t look all that impressive, either.

  5. If you go undefeated the rest of the way, you’ll probably be looking pretty good. If Florida goes 12-1 (with SEC champ game, they’ll probably be in the NC game). Hard to go even 12-1 in SEC and not get in. Some of those in the top 10 will end up losing. Vandy still plays Florida don’t they? LSU and Bama play. Florida would play LSU or Bama in title game. So all’s not lost for your gators. Just win out and they should be fine.

  6. Nice pick on the Alabama game. UK’s D is better than Georgia’s. You can admit it now.

  7. UK did great and I wish they’d beat Alabama. UK has shocked me this year. It looks like TN may be the weekest in the East. Way to go Kentucky.

  8. Yep who would have thought it would be UK’s defense that would carry them. Strange times. The backup QB that did not play is better imo.

  9. I’m taking KY over SC. Spurrier needs to go somewhere where he can win.

  10. Yeah, the OBC is an itch that needs to be scratched. I think it will be special teams that decides that one.

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