SEC Game Predictions – Week Seven

Well, well, well.  Is the tide turning a little in the SEC East?  Vanderbilt is in first place alone.  Kentucky is 4-1.  Tennessee is in the cellar.  Well the season is not quite half way over but it’s been a great one so far for Vanderbilt.  Just think, if Kentucky managed just a field goal more against a lucky Alabama team, they’d be right up there with Vandy in first place.  WOW!  Maybe there’s hope for my Bulldogs some day.


Arkansas at Auburn – Arkansas is fighting hard to earn the “Worst Team in the SEC” award, battling MSU and TN for the dubious honor.  Things don’t look so great for the Hogs this weekend as they go into a wounded Auburn team that got beat by the Vanderbilt Commodores.  Don’t worry, War Eagle, Auburn will take care of business this weekend.  Auburn 37 Arkansas 10

LSU at Florida – This is an interesting game.  Florida has already lost once at home this year – to Ole Miss, no less.  Can they lose again?  Yep.  Florida’s a good team but I think LSU’s a little bit better.  Maybe Tebow will encourage his team to play a little better, maybe the Rebel loss was a fluke.  Either way,  I think this LSU team is just too good.  LSU 24  Florida 20

Tennessee at Georgia – Georgia’s been a little disappointing this year.  Anything less than a national championship ring for them will be upsetting to some.  Tennessee is been close to awful, nothing like the team’s they’ve put on the field in the last 15 years or so.  Still, Georgia has definitely played better than the Vols and playing at home, I just don’t see Fat Phil’s team doing a whole lot to overcome the raucous crowd.  Georgia 21 Tennessee 13

South Carolina at Kentucky – This is an interesting game.  Both teams come in with good teams and stout defenses.  Kentucky leads the lead in scoring defense while South Carolina is 2nd to Tennessee by 0.3 yards in total defense.  The offenses are basically a wash.  So I think this will be a relatively low scoring game decided by special teams and defense.  Kentucky leads in punt return average and I think there just may be lots of punts.  This may be where the game is won.  Kentucky 17 South Carolina 14

Vanderbilt at Mississippi State – Vandy is in first place in the SEC East and MSU is last in the West.  Still Vandy is only favored by about 3.  Huh?  But, MSU is usually good for one upset a year and one coach firing (which sets up TN in a bad position later in the year).  I think State will play pretty good this weekend and I think this game will be won on turnovers.  Does MSU have enough to pull off the upset?  I think so.  MSU 21 Vandy 17

Last Week 4-1

This Year 38-10


2 responses to “SEC Game Predictions – Week Seven

  1. I am wounded to the core about your Gators/Tigers game prediction, but all is forgiven. Go, Tennessee! Go, MSU!

    I’m hoping you’re very wrong about Florida. They really are better than how they’ve been playing. It looks like Tebow is holding back; I’d like to see him run over some LSU linebackers. I mean that in a nice way.

  2. I’d really rather see Florida win. But they’ve got to play much better, they’ve gotta let Tebow lose and they’ll have to stop that LSU running back who’s a hoss.

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