SEC Game Predictions – Week Eight

Whoa, Nellie!  This season is going by too fast.  What a surprising weekend.  Florida slapped LSU around like they were a junior college team.  Arkansas handed it to Tubs – now Auburn is fighting just to get bowl eligible – that may be a tough order.  And to put the cherry on top, my MSU Bulldogs beat Vandy.  There was a time when that wouldn’t mean much but since Vandy was #1 in the East, unbeaten and ranked 13, it was a satisfying victory.  Like lots of SEC weekends, this weekend won’t be an easy one to pick.  Last week I was a bad 2-3 missing South Carolina, Florida and Arkansas victories.


Ole Miss at Alabama – Alabama’s #2 in the nation.  Ole Miss has played mediocre against mediocre teams, being beat by a couple of them while beating highly ranked Florida in the Swamp.  Which team will show up in Tuscaloosa?  The mediocre team.  Alabama 27 Ole Miss 13

Arkansas at Kentucky – Arkansas had a nice win against Auburn and had a great running attack.  Though they’re on the road against a good Kentucky team, maybe the Hogs are starting to turn the corner with their new coach.  I think Arkansas only gets better the rest of the season.  Arkansas 24 Kentucky 14

Vanderbilt at Georgia – This is an intriguing game at the top of the SEC East.  Vanderbilt is an impressive 5-1 but their record doesn’t match up too well with their stats – so far, they’ve had luck on their side as much as skill.  I look for Georgia to show up strong at home.  Georgia 28 Vanderbilt 12

LSU at South Carolina – The ‘Ol ball coach has got his team playing decent.  LSU’s coming off a beating at the hands of Florida.  They’ll be going into a hostile Gamecock crowd that’s hungry for a big win.  I think Spurrier may just have something up his sleeve and looking for an upset.  South Carolina 24 LSU 21

Mississippi State at Tennessee – Tennessee has always had MSU’s number for the most part.  But this year, UT has struggled as fans beg for their coach to get the ax.  His seat is pretty hot.  MSU is starting to pull things together and are looking a bit more consistent, having played well at LSU and beating Vanderbilt this year.  Add to that the fact that just about every year, one head coach out of the SEC gets Croomed and fired, things don’t look so good for the Vols.  MSU 24 Tennessee 21

Last Week  2-3

This Year 40-13


2 responses to “SEC Game Predictions – Week Eight

  1. You said it, so it’s nothing new: each week in the SEC brings the possibility for multiple upsets; no one is safe. Here’s my wish list:
    Go, Ole Miss!
    Go, Vandy!
    Go, South Carolina!
    Go, MSU!

    Did you know I’m a Gator fan?

  2. Yes and you thoroughly spanked those bengal tigers. I really don’t seeing Vandy winning this weekend though. Do you know if Alabama loses one somewhere besides MSU, MSU wins out, and LSU loses two more, that MSU would go to the SEC championship game? What am I drinking!?!?

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