The Fat Lady is Singing

She’s on the stage and she’s on the last chorus.  The fat lady is singing and we’re heading down the Obama crevasse.  I admit I’m voting for McCain though I’m not real fond of him.  But if he could just halfway be charismatic and put a few sentences together without mumbling or stumbling so much, he’d have a great shot at winning this election.  If he were Ronald Reagan, this election would be over.  Shoot, I think Ross Perot, Mitt Romney or even Mike Huckabee could have torn Obama apart.  But McCain?  He’s pushing the fat lady out on stage, giving her a mike and turning up the volume.  Here’s five areas of discussion that McCain could have targeted this summer and hammered away at for the last two months, showing point by point how he’s different and how he would change thing.  The result?  Well, I’m sure his poll numbers would be better for one.  He is losing by at least five percentage points and as high as fifteen in nearly every poll.  The electoral college is painted blue and it’s looking like it’s all over except the victory speech.  Those five areas?  Here they are:

1.  Socialist tendencies

2.  Governmental control and programs

3.  Increased taxes on businesses

4.  Lack of respect for the unborn

5.  Potential abandonment of Israel

And one to grow on … his link and support of specific Democrats who are co-guilty with Republicans in the whole economic crisis we’re experiencing.


4 responses to “The Fat Lady is Singing

  1. Good list, Doc. I’m with you on it, too. Reagan, he’s not. I’ve said all along we really don’t have much to choose from. Before going to church last night, I got a call from a polling group; the question was about the two candidates. I said, “I didn’t know there was more than one running”, and was promptly told there are definitely two running. I said “I thought Senator McCain was the only one.” The person on the other end of the phone wasn’t impressed.

  2. That’s funny. That’s probably an Obama poll, huh?

  3. yah. i think we have our winner already. and it is unfortunate Mccain wasted so much time on NOT addressing some bigger issues.

    yes, watching him speak is very unnerving. im always afraid of what might stumble out.

    well, boys, pray-pray-pray for our leaders!

  4. Hey Tam, I’ve been out of blogging commission for a couple of weeks, now going out of town but thanks for stopping back by. I’ll be back to yours too. Good luck this week in football. We play TN.

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