SEC Game Predictions – Week Ten

Well, about now, every week is a tough week to pick games in the SEC.  But I’m starting to get sad that the season is getting toward the end.  Still, Basketball’s right around the corner and that should be another exciting season of SEC sports.


Arkansas State at Alabama – Alabama’s on a roll, no pun intended.  Undefeated, #2 in the nation and AR State coming to town?  If I were Arkansas State, I’d go ahead and take the check, not show up and save the players from injury and embarrasment.  Alabama 45 Arkansas State 0

Tulsa at Arkansas – This is an interesting game.  Tulsa is in the top 20 and Arkansas owns the cellar in the SEC West.  On paper, Tulsa should win.  But, I just have this feeling the Hogs will pull this one out.  Arkansas 27 Tulsa 24

Auburn at Ole Miss – Tuberville coming to Nutt’s house is another interesting game.  Auburn is tanking in a bad way and Ole Miss not only hates Tuberville but they’re looking at that rare bowl possibility this year.  I wonder if the Tigers haven’t already thrown in the towel.  The grove will be fired up this week (not from smoking).  Ole Miss 24 Auburn 14

Florida vs. Georgia (Jacksonville) – You just have to love weeks like this where good solid teams play some college football.  This one’s a toss up.  Tebow’s playing well and Moreno is also playing pretty well.  I’m not sure who really to pick in this one.  I guess I’ll give the edge to Florida on behalf of my friend preacherpen.  Florida 34 Georgia 31

Kentucky at Mississippi State – This game will be decided by which team the respective University decides to bring.  I keep waiting for Mississippi State to step it up a notch and I’m hoping this will be the beginning.  Kentucky’s no slouch and is playing for a bowl game.  MSU 21 Kentucky 14

Tulane at LSU – I can’t believe anyone at Tulane thinks they have a shot at this one.  Root for the underdog but expect LSU to wear ’em out.  LSU 52 Tulane 3

Tennessee at South Carolina – What can I say?  Tennessee all but stinks this year (though they did end up blowing my Dawgs out).  The Gamecocks are playing decent, better than TN, anyway.  SC will be at home for this one and I think the Vols are looking ahead to a new coach.  South Carolina 27 Tennessee 21

Last week 5-2

This year 47-18


7 responses to “SEC Game Predictions – Week Ten

  1. It’s not difficult to know there’s some pretty important games this weekend, and plenty of them happen to be in the SEC. Every week in the Southeastern Conference is a potential “game of the week”, and not every conference can lay claim to that distinction.

    Doc, I appreciate your Gator prediction, and hope it stands. I would like us to have a more comfortable margin, however. Something like 52-10 would be a good score, IMHO.

    Go, MSU!
    Go, Arkansas State!
    You know I have to root for the Gators!

  2. Florida-Georgia has to be the game of the week. That should just be an awesome game. I think the winner plays in the SEC championship game and if they win there, have a good shot at the National Championship game.

  3. Any thoughts on Florida’s drubbing of Georgia?

    And I know you’re a big SEC guy, but I really hope you watched Texas vs. Texas Tech. I watched and wrote about it, probably one of the most entertaining games I’ve witnessed.

    Easily game of the year

  4. @SportsBrotha: I got to watch quite a bit of the game, and it certainly was good. Both teams are quite remarkable. My favorite game was Florida over Georgia. I did get my call from a former church member after the game, and she had to say “Isn’t it great to be a Florida Gator fan?” That was sweet. I had to call her last year, but I’m just used to doing that!

    Doc, your team did well. Congratulations.

    I didn’t see the Tennessee/South Carolina score.

  5. Well, that’s why college football is so great. Texas Tech did great against Texas. I’m glad they beat Texas and finally put them away. A good friend of mine is a Texas Tech alum and I was pulling for them all the way. I think I have to say at this point that Alabama and Texas Tech should play for the NC although if Florida wins out, they will have probably beaten Alabama in the SEC championship game. For nostalgia’s sake, I’d like to see Joe Pa play but I feel they’re on the outside looking in right now.

    Great games Florida and Texas Tech. For me, time for basketball season as far as my team goes. Oh well, maybe we can knock off Alabama and give Florida or Joe Pa a chance.

  6. GameCocks Kick BUtt On Saturday………. GO SOUTH CAROLINA!!!!!!

  7. South Carolina’s looking good, their QB Garcia is looking pretty good. They should be looking good for the next few years.

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