SEC Game Predictions – Week Twelve

The season’s winding down and we’re getting a good feel of what the SEC Championship Game will look like.  It should be a great game and I’m confident it will be Alabama and Florida with the winner having a great shot at playing in the National Championship game.  There are a couple of interesting games this weekend.


Mississippi State at Alabama – Alabama ought to be paying money to MSU for this game.  On paper, this one’s a blowout.  State usually plays Alabama pretty well though.  They beat them once before when Alabama was #1 and Dawg fans are looking for a miracle win this weekend.  It hurts but I’m going with what’s on paper.  Alabama 37 MSU 13

Georgia at Auburn – This usually is a fun game to watch but it seems like this year there’s no fun on the plains.  Auburn is just about awful, at least from what Auburn’s put on the field the last decade.  This game has often been a big one but this year, well, it’s just another game.  Georgia 31 Auburn 12

South Carolina at Florida – The ‘Ol Ball Coach is coming back to the swamp.  Florida’s playing as well as anyone in the country.  This ought to be a real fun game to watch.  I think South Carolina will give it a shot and make Gator fans a little nervous but I just see Tebow coming out on top.  Florida 24 South Carolina 20

Vanderbilt at Kentucky – Vanderbilt is still on a quest for that elusive bowl-eligible win, sitting on 5 wins.  Kentucky’s at 6 and could really use another win.  This game’s really a tossup but the edge would go to Kentucky as Vandy as fallen down the last several weeks.  But … something tells me maybe the Commodores will dig deep here and surprise the Wildcats.  Vanderbilt 21 Kentucky 20

Troy at LSU – Ouch.  This won’t be funny.  Troy doesn’t have a chance in this one.  LSU’s been better in previous years but still will be a pretty tough opponent.  LSU 42 Troy 10

Louisiana Monroe at Ole Miss – Here’s another laugher.  As much as I’d love to see the upset here and see Ole Miss struggle coming down the stretch, this is just like guys on girls playing tennis. (Well, I did get beat 6-0 6-0 against a girl once and Billie Jean King beat what’s his name so I guess anything is possible but that’s a different story).  Ole Miss 45 ULM 13

Last Week 5-1

This Year 58-20

3 responses to “SEC Game Predictions – Week Twelve

  1. Well, here we are again with the possibility of a sack full of interesting games. You’ve done pretty well this year, Doc, given the unpredictable nature of the beast.

    I’m really torn about your first pick. Part of me wants Alabama to remain undefeated, and part of me wants them to go down in a shocking display of the SEC’s danger factor. The undefeated part speaks of my desire to see us take over 1st place when we play the SEC championship game.

    Coach Spurrier is ever dangerous, and Florida will definitely have to be on guard, but will do well here today.

  2. Ouch! Florida wore out Spurrier’s Gamecocks. For Florida, they should want Alabama to win as the Gators and the Tide will meed for the SEC championship. If Florida beats a #1 Alabama, that helps there chances. Of course, I’d love my Dawgs to beat Alabama.

  3. Troy? I don’t know the final score, but little Troy was up in a big way before LSU came roaring back. Who would have thought Troy could have put up the numbers they did?

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