SEC Game Predictions – Week Fourteen

Ahhhhhh.  There’s nothing like rivalry week in the SEC.  This time of year these are always great games filled with a lot of emotion and usually enough bitterness to last half of the teams until the start of the next year.  Not a whole lot will be decided this week as far as the SEC.  But Alabama and Florida do need to make sure they don’t stumble, otherwise any shot at the National Championship will be out the window.  I hope you enjoy the turkey this week and hopefully I’ll kill a few deer.


MSU at Ole Miss – Houston Nutt came to Mississippi and blew away 1st year expectations.  Nutt has his team looking right in the face of not just a bowl game but a good bowl game.  MSU’s offense finally decided to come out of the locker room and put up their best numbers of the year last week.  This game is always close and filled with a lot of emotion and will be this weekend.  MSU going to a fired up Ole Miss team and fanbase might just spell disaster, as much as I hate to admit it, though I still can’t pick Ole Miss.  MSU 24 Ole Miss 21

LSU at Arkansas – Both losers last week, these two come in to this game looking to salvage something.  For Arkansas, it’s a bowl game.  For LSU, it’s avoiding a lower tier bowl game and maintaining some semblance of pride.  Arkansas has been bright at times but I don’t think they’re much of a match for LSU.  Tigers 38  Arkansas 20


Georgia Tech at Georgia – I think this may be one of the most interesting games this weekend.  Georgia Tech’s had some really nice games this year and has the ability to get some yardage.  Georgia will be in another good bowl game this year, though not the one they wanted to be in when the season began.  There just might be a lot of offense in this game but ultimately, I’ll give the nod to Georgia Tech.  Tech 38 Georgia 35

South Carolina at Clemson – Clemson all but tanked this year, starting off ranked pretty high but sinking pretty quickly to the point of having to let Tommy Bowden go.  South Carolina has come on pretty steady this year and will come in to Clemson fired up.  South Carolina 28 Clemson 17

Auburn at Alabama – Speaking of tanking … Auburn is staring their worst season in while right in the face while their rival in-state is staring the National Championship game in the face.  This is usually a tossup game but I just don’t see Auburn having enough to roll past the Tide.  Alabama 27 Auburn 13

Florida at Florida State – This is not the game it used to be.  There was a time when this game was anyone’s guess.  While Florida State has improved, they’re not the caliber team that Florida is, even at home.  Tebow’s team has to be playing as good as any other team in the nation and they just seem to be running on all cylinders.  Florida State hangs for a little while but Florida’s superior players will eventually take over and wear down the Seminoles.  Florida 32 Florida State 21

Kentucky at Tennessee – Ouch, Tennessee faces a decent hungry Kentucky team coming in to Knoxville looking to rub it in as Tennessee’s laying back licking its wounds.  Vol fans don’t really know how to react and might just be out hunting deer instead of cats this weekend.  Their players may not be far behind either.  History wants me to pick Tennessee but heart wants me to pick Kentucky.  I’ve always had a weak spot for following my heart.  Kentucky 21  Tennessee 17

Vandy at Wake Forest – Wake Forest has had some decent wins as has Vandy.  This game feels like a tossup though Vandy probably should have one or two more losses than they do have.  Vandy’s going bowling in the first time in a loooooong time and are playing with some confidence.  Still I think Wake Forest at home might just be a little too much this weekend.  Wake Forest 34 Vandy 19

Last Week 2-2

This Year 66-22

8 responses to “SEC Game Predictions – Week Fourteen

  1. My clerk is a serious FS-Who? fan, and my Sunday School Superintendent is a Miami Hurricane fan. That leaves me as the only SEC guy in the office, and my team happens to be the Florida Gators. We’re playing well now, and should fare better than FSU in this game; there have been some strange things happen this season, though. Tennessee sure has been through the ringer lately. I’m rooting for your team, Doc.

  2. We got clobbered! Croom resigned this morning. Maybe we can get Urban Meyer. Hope you beat FSU.

  3. You cannot have Urban Meyer. The interesting game will be next week when we play ‘Bama. Even in the rain, Florida looked pretty good. Do you have an idea who might become your new coach?

  4. did you see the ducks whip the beavers yesterday?


  5. Love to see that Bama/Florida game. As far as coach, who knows? People want everyone, I’ve heard Tommy Bowden, Chris Peterson (Boise State), Derek Dooley (Louisiana Tech), Jeff Bower (Old Southern Miss coach) and I’ve even heard a few rumors about Tommy Tuberville and Phillip Fulmer. I’m hoping for a surprise big name and hope they can find someone good though it does seem kind of like a coach’s grave yard here. Go Gators over Bama – I don’t see Bama hanging.

    Tam, way to go with your Ducks. Oregon always seems to put a good team out on the field. I hope y’all have a good bowl game and I know you’re loving doing what you did to the Beavers. Go Ducks!

  6. Doc, I hope you do get a good coach after all your team has been through. We’ve got a yard sale for the next few days, but I told my bride there will be no yard sale going on around 4 o’clock Saturday. It’s going to be a very good game, and hope the Florida Gators show up who have been playing the past several weeks.

  7. I especially like the part where it says “I don’t think they’re much of a match for LSU”…….that’s great.

    WOO PIG !!!!!!

    Good guess though Cliff.

    Us Hogs have to have something to cheer about after this year.

  8. Pigs surprised me, so did LSU. I really didn’t see your oinkers doing as well as they did but, hey, it’s nice that someone’s beating up on LSU, it’s about time.

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