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SEC Game Predictions – Week 15

Well, well, well, the season’s not quite over.  Even my Bulldogs who got taken behind the wood shed by the Rebels are in the hunt for a good coach.  I have no idea who but Chris Petersen from Boise State is a hot rumor today.  Last week, some great games were played and I was shocked to see Arkansas, especially, beat LSU and to see that Auburn, Tennessee and MSU all are looking for coaches.

But let’s get down to it.

The SEC Championship Game


Alabama vs. Florida

This is the game of games in the SEC.  This should be one great game.  The winner should head on to the National Championship game.  It’s all up for grabs.  Florida’s coming on strong with Tebow at the helm, ever since losing by 1 to a very good Ole Miss team.   Florida really had no business losing that game but it may have been exactly what they needed.  They put it in overdrive after that game and have been playing lights out.

Alabama has been steady all year long and bring their number one ranking into the game.  Bear Bryant isn’t strolling the sidelines but you can bet there are people that finally feel like the Tide is back to its glory days.  John Parker Wilson has been about average as far as quarterbacks go, but the big thing is that he hasn’t made a lot of mistakes while his team manhandled their opponents.

As much as I’d like a back-and-forth-bruise-’em-up kind of game, this may just be decide by a couple of big plays.  Florida’s going to have to keep the ball out of Javier Arenas’s hands and cover Julio Jones tighter than a tick.  Alabama’s going to have to put the pressure on and blitz Tebow if they have a shot.  I think in the end, though, the Tide will be using a little tissue on this one as the Gators walk away with the win.

The only question after this game will be, “Should Alabama and Florida play in the national championship game against each other?”

Florida 38  Alabama 34

Last week 4-4

This year 70-26