The Great Exchange – 2 Corinthians 5:21

Trusting God – Proverbs 3:5,6

What Kind of Difference Does Jesus Make – Acts 4:13

The Hope That Doesn’t Disappoint – Romas 8:38,39; Ro. 5:5

Every Day is Christmas – John 1:4,5

Who Do You Trust? – Psalm 20:7


One response to “Devotions

  1. Russell Kyzar

    Hey, What’s up, friend? Haven’t heard from you in a while.
    I see trying to keep up a blog was as hard for you as it was for me. Hope the family is doing well.

    Our daughter, Robyn, is getting married on May 30. Jackson, TN. Our last. We’ll be in Columbus where Ryan and family are at CAFB for the next 3 years. Maybe we can get together for lunch. We’ll be there sometime between June 3 and June 6. Greetings to Melanie and the kids!

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