Hall of Shame

I will award the Shame Award on a weekly basis to the person, persons or entities whose words, actions or life I believe deserves more recognition.  The most recent award is listed at the top and will proceed to the next most recent and so on.  Just click on the name to read more.

Status Quo Politicians

The Olympic Officials – IOC (August 18 – August 23, 2008 )

John Edwards (August 11 – August 17, 2008 )

Most of the Airlines (August 4 – August 10, 2008 )

Michael Savage (July 28 – August 3, 2008 ) 

Brian McConnell (July 21-27, 2008 )

William Harrison (July 14-20, 2008 )




2 responses to “Hall of Shame

  1. William Whittaker

    Actually if you paid attention to Luikin and Shawn, they never said anything that could be remotely considered whining or being a sore loser. They were both gracious and polite. Even Luikin’s father was proper in what he said. I know you have recanted your sore loser comment but how did you come by it in the first place? Did you hear what Bela Karolyli said? And if anybody knows how to judge gymnastics it is Bela. Anyway I commend your latest comments. The IOC should hang it’s head in shame!

  2. William, thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comments. You’re right, the girls were great competitors and never acted bad at all. It’s the “we” mentality I think. The “we” people did appear to be complaining at first. You know, all the “we” people that say “we lost” and never competed. I was a little sloppy in the post, meaning to say the U.S., “we” looked like sore losers, explaining the girls didn’t perform well, but labelling the girls. I think it was more heat-of-the moment kneejerk reaction that caused the label to fall squarely on the girls.

    I’ve always liked Bela Karolyi. I think it’s because he seems to care so much about the girls and his team. I remember him carrying Carrie Scruggs (I think it was her) like I carry my daughter. He just seems to have so much passion and compassion.

    BTW, thanks for reading my retraction/recant. Also, I know the IOC is investigating now, but I’m not removing them from the Hall of Shame until they prove that they’re doing more than a cursory investigation.

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