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This Week’s Shame Award Goes To:

John Edwards

Let me first say I’m not trying to be judgmental. Secondly, I heard some of Edward’s interview and have respect for him, admitting his pride and arrogance. That is a very difficulty thing to do. Thirdly, I don’t enjoy beating a man when he’s down – I’ve been there before. But what makes him a winner of this week’s award are two things in particular.

One, his contempt for the people and country, particularly his Democratic party. Edwards hoped that his affair would never become public as he touted himself as best to lead the country. Maybe he was. But did he think that the truth wouldn’t be found out, especially since there had been so many rumors and stories? Had he been the nominee and this news came out in another two months, it would have been devastating for the Democratic party.

Secondly, his contempt for his wife. For goodness sakes, she has CANCER (it was in remission at the time of the affair) and the whole world knows. She says she has forgiven him and she has proven time and again how courageous a person she is – which makes it all the more shameful. Welcome to the hall of shame, John Edwards.

The lyrics of the song on some of the videos that his lover produced for him are indicting:

     I thought by now you’d be the president
     But after all that was yesterday
     But you’ve had time to go out in the world now
     But you chose to run away
     Well, people ask you what you’re doing now
     You don’t even know what to say

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African Americans Disproportionately Affected by Climate Change

Why does everything seem to be a racial issue?  I came across this yesterday. House Majority Whip James Clyburn D-S.C. and a recent report claim that African Americans not only are less responsible for climate change but also disproportionately affected by climate change.  What a ridiculous claim!  He might qualify for the Hall of Shame.  Now I could understand these comments a little more easily had the reference been to Blacks in Sub-Saharan Africa or the Nomadal tribes found scattered across the African Continent or the Pacific Islanders. But African Americans?  Huh? 

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