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Into the Congo

I admire the work of missionaries all over the world.  I find it fascinating (in fact I was thinking about writing a book about this recently before coming across the video link below) that there are many stories about people in different tribes and countries that have had dreams or visions about someone from far away that would come to see them and tell them of Jesus.  Later, that visitor does come and it has a profound impact on the one(s) who experienced the vision or dream.  I recall one story about a man who had a dream to go to a certain street corner in his country, some distance away, at a certain time and wait for a particular person.  At the same time, that particular person experiences certain circumstances that cause him to go to that one specific location.  Call it crazy if you must.  I find it quite interesting and beyond the natural realm of experience.  I’d be interested to hear anyone else’s stories.

Into the Congo


My Dream

During one of the most difficult times in my life, while agonizing over a major life decision, I had a dream.  Like everyone else, I have had lots of dreams in my life.  I have had two dreams that have significantly impacted my life and this one has had a great effect on me.  Where once I was doubtful and uncertain about many things, the certainty of what Christ did for me strengthened and solidified my faith in Him. 

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