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Would I Be A Doctor Again?

I’ve heard over and over again from some doctors how they’d never go through the process again and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.  So I’ll answer the question.  Would I be a doctor again?  To quote Sarah Palin, “You Betcha!”

In my experience, becoming a doctor has been very rewarding.  I can’t complain.  So where do I start explaining why?  Well, there are the belly-button pearls for one.  “Belly-button pearls?” you ask.  Yes.  Belly-button pearls.  You know, those wooly-booger types who let the lint in their belly fester and roll around with the hair just like a piece of sand in a clam.  After many moons, that simple piece of fuzz become a nice round, smooth, rock-solid belly-button pearl of great price.

Well, really there are some other nice benefits.  For one, especially in this economy, there is no shortage of requests for doctors in just about any part of the country.  Hopefully I won’t be searching anytime soon, but if I had to, I could almost pick where I want to live.  Of course I’m leaving near about as close as you can to Heaven without dying, so I’m thankful for that.  And how can a doctor complain when just the average salary of a primary care doctor is around $150,000?  That’s good enough for roughly being in the top 5% in the U.S.  And that’s not even including the fringe benefits of insurance and retirement.

Not only is the pay pretty good for an education that’s not much longer, if any than other post-grad professions, the time involved can also be quite satisfying.  Right now, I pretty much work 4 1/2 8-hour days a week with a day a week and one weekend a month of light call that often results in no phone calls or hospital admissions.  I’ve been in jobs as a doctor where I had no call whatsoever and worked more like 8:30 to 4:30 with a half-day off each week.  Throw in 4 weeks of vacation and another week of education and it rivals some of the best vacation packages around.

But there’s more than just money and time.  There’s the satisfaction of being able to help people.  There have been many times when I’ve been able to really come in handy for someone for whatever reason – maybe calling something in for a friend, maybe giving some realistic medical explanations for people confused by what they’ve heard.  Or maybe it’s just helping someone have hope again when everything seems to have been taken from them.

There’s also the challenges.  Imagine diagnosing someone with Malaria or cancer or other systemic diseases.  Some aren’t easy and straightforward which requires a lot of study, a lot of interdisciplinary discussion and just downright praying for help in figuring things out.

Being a doctor afforded me the opportunity to go overseas and help some less fortunate people with medical needs.  Life lessons are important for personal growth.  The opportunities I had to learn from people in foreign countries has been something I can’t really put a price tag on.  How can you go to the store and buy something that will truly open your eyes?  Where can you purchase a change of heart or a realistic understanding of the plight of third world societies?

I could go on.  Sure, being in the Medical field has its downside.  Insurance companies can be a nightmare and a big hassle.  The government tends to like to put its sticky hands in everything and medicine is no different.  Some people can’t afford some of the studies it takes to diagnose their problem.  Others have serious side effects to medicines or damaging results do to physician error.  Some patients are just quite demanding and expect too much (but then again, they do pay their bills for the most part). 

But to answer the question again, yes, I would do it all over again.  I can’t imagine there being another job I’d like to do except being a professional football or baseball player or a professional music star.  But I can’t do those, so the best thing is to be what God has allowed me to be.


So I’m Right Again – Don’t Eat Your Veggies!

I’ve been saying it for years now.  I don’t like vegetables.  Well, I’ll eat fried okra, green beans, corn, salad or onions – that’s pretty much it.  But all those cruciferous vegetables and squash and butter beans and spinach?  And turnip greens?   Yuck!  I’ve been married 18 years now and my wife still can’t choke that stuff down for me.  My routine answer is, “That (fill in vegetable) is bad for you.  Haven’t you heard it causes (fill in a disease).”  Otherwise, the closest I come to vegetables is super supreme pizza – after years, I’ve finally convinced myself that is okay to eat.

Well, science has finally proven me right.  This article here, says that eating veggies shrinks your brain.  Well, that’s just added ammunition for me.  I need all the brainpower I can get.  It’s a complex world we live in and I can’t really afford for somebody to be swiping my neurons.  All those connections are important and though those connections would theoretically be closer in a shrunken brain state, surely they can’t fire off as well.

So, I stand firm.  Don’t eat your veggies.  Who knows what else they’ll find that they do to you.  My only question is, I wonder if eating that super supreme pizza shrinks my brain?

Forget Global Warming – We’re Entering an Ice Age

It’s been a pretty mild summer here in Mississippi.  Normally, we sweat like pigs most months of the year.   The other months, we just look like pigs, having claimed the fattest state in the Union for a third consecutive year.  At least Washington, D.C. is losing weight.  Maybe it’s all the political types who, in response to our great nation’s gigantic budget deficit, are cutting back on pork and eating less steak, lobster and sushi in those conferences.

Oh but August.  It is definitely the worst.  It gets so hot and humid – you know when you walk outside and suddenly everything just sticks to you.  Last year we had a really bad drought.  They had to cut off the water, which really wasn’t that awful since we only bathe twice a week here in the South.   In fact, we tend to water our lawns more than our bodies here but that’s a different story for another day. 

But I swear the sun seemed a whole lot closer last year- which had me dreading this summer.  In fact, I invested in a new car with cold AC a few months ago just for August.  I had to trade in the trailer and I know Dave Ramsey wouldn’t agree but, hey, that’s why he’s rich and I’m poor.  And anyway, the status symbol down here is a car, any car, not the paid off home mortgage.  Who has a home down here anyway?

Well it’s been mild this summer.  In fact, last week we had temperatures in the ’70’s (almost completely unheard of in Robert E. Lee territory) which had me shouting, “It’s the Global Warming!”  Then I came across this.  Maybe Global Warming really isn’t true after all.  Forget Kyoto.  Can it be that we’re really fixing to enter an Ice Age? Am I now gonna be hunting white-tail polar bears with a spotlight instead of white-tail deer?  You betcha.  Hey, whatever walks by – armadillo, white-tail, bobcat, polar bear – it’s all meat.

Well if we’re really entering an ice age, I’ve got to get rid of all that stuff I got in preparation for the predicted Global Warming scenarios.  You know, the boat, because all the ice sheets are gonna melt, the water’s going to rise and we’re all going to float away.  Oh and the extra sunscreen seeing as how if it’s hotter I’ll burn more.  I’ve got buckets of grain, short wave radios and energy bars I’ve piled up in the garage.  Now, I gotta go buy a snowsuit, chop some firewood and get some extra blankets.  Do you think I can exchange those in Wal-Mart?  Maybe I can just take off those little barcode stickers.  It’s worked before.

This is really bothering me.  You see, there’s also the guns.  I’ve got a small armory hidden away – after I heard all the Yankees and those folks in Florida that couldn’t figure how to punch a ballot were going to move to higher ground, I just knew they were talking Dixie.  Not that Mississippi is Mount Everest but I felt pretty good it is high enough above sea level that I wouldn’t have had to do more than wade out to the mailbox.   Which meant here come the snowbirds.  I often found myself in the middle of the Sunday preaching service thinking how they may take my land but there’s no way they’ll find the $10,000 that I put in the coffee can and buried six feet under.  But now what do I do with all them guns and bullets?  I can’t just have a garage sale.

I think it’s the government really, maybe George Bush.  He’s probably trying to stimulate the economy and paid some Mexican a little cash to come up with a study to say that we’re entering an Ice Age.  You know, organized confusion, disinformation, fear tactics and all.  I really don’t know who to trust now.  I’d say head for the hills but we’re already pretty isolated down here so I think I’m fine right where I am. 

I think we’re set up pretty good actually, though we are rednecks.  We still rely on the old horse and cart from time to time and we still share the community outhouse.  I guess we’ll have to hold it longer now that we’re fixing to enter an Ice Age.  Have you ever tried frozen toilet paper?  We keep a roll in the freezer when the hemorrhoids act up – it feels good but it sure is cold.  I can’t imagine what it’ll feel like in an Ice Age.

“Dead” Man Awakens

So you want to complain about our health care system in America, huh? Here’s a link to a man in India who was “killed” in a stampede. While his corpse was awaiting its autopsy, the man woke up and asked for water. The line that catches my attention from the article is, “little was done to see if victims of the stampede were still alive.” I think, for the most part, in the U.S., when you’re declared dead, you’re pretty much dead. However, being thrown on the back of a truck with a bunch of others is an act I’d presume wasn’t done by medical officials. I really wonder what the doctors and nurses thought when the dead man started talking. Did they jump, pee in their pants or what? I also wonder how many of the other corpses were alive. Hmm…

(Actually, I think we do have much to complain about our medical system here but that is a different post for a different day)

This Week’s Shame Award Goes To:

Michael Alan Weiner, better known as Michael Savage, is this week’s winner of the Shame Award.  Calling ninety-nine percent of children with Autism “brats” is pretty lame.  I know Savage is against many liberal ideological positions, but Autism is not ideological.  It is a very real condition that causes very real problems.  He states that he was just trying to awaken the world to Autism.  Maybe so or maybe just backtracking.  I say shame on you.  You’re in my Hall of Shame.  Click on his name below to read more.

Michael Savage